What is Nacsport?

What is Nacsport?

The Nacsport portfolio of products includes a wide range of programs & mobile apps, developed to assist all people who need video analysis in their sport.
And what is sport video analysis?

Sport video analysis is a discipline to observe and analyse moments happening in sport events (mainly during games and training sessions). Video plays an essential role as it is the vehicle to highlight information.

The observer filters and selects key content that needs to be told to coaching staff or players. The high-quality information will allow viewers to make better decisions in the future.

How can Nacsport help me?

Nacsport programs are software specifically designed to improve sport video analysis. Unlike conventional video editing programs, Nacsport offers tools and features developed to simplify and speed up the analysis so you can have access to the precise data in a more effective way.

How does it work?

As an analyst, you decide which items need to be analysed. They can be specific actions, players, pitch areas or any other points of interest. Once decided, you create buttons for each of them.

Any time these items or moments happen, you click the corresponding buttons for them. Each click generates a register, a tag marking the time when they happened.

When the event is finished, you will have all these registers organised in two ways: grouped into category rows, with the registers showing chronologically on a timeline.

From here on, you will have immediate access to all registers and you will be able to work with them: edit their length, add drawings or text notes, compare actions, create stats and many more features to improve your analysis workflows.

Your analysis concludes with a presentation of the highlights. You can either share them by playing back on your computer or export the videos with the selected clips.

Who is this software for?

Nacsport programs have been created to assist every performance analyst,no matter their level or budget. That is why we have five different options that have been carefully scaled in tools to adapt them to all needs – and prices.

Today,we have soldmore than 5,000 licences around the globe. Our users are not only elite teams, but also grassroots teams and single athletes in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

Is Nacsport suitable for my sport?

Absolutely. It does not matter what sport you practice. As long as you have footage to analyse, there is a Nacsport version for you. Just for your information, users in more than 30 different sports are using our video analysis solutions currently!

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What about the Nacsport apps?

Along with the five video analysis programs within our suite, Nacsport has two mobile apps –developed for iPad & iPhone- to help specific workflows.

Nacsport Tag&go is an app to register actions in real time away from your computer, therefore increasing comfort and portability whilst saving time.

Nacsport Remote is a remote control for your presentation playback. You don’t have to be by your computer to easily show clips to your players.
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