Tips For Launching Your Sports Blog And YouTube Channel

Tips For Launching Your Sports Blog And YouTube Channel

Before gathering your camera and your filming equipment to film the content for your YouTube Channel, you will need to know how to plan your shootand how you plan to deliver it. You need to decide upon a theme, at least initially, for both your blog and your channel so that your viewing public can grasp what you’re about and what content you’re likely to be posting in the future.
Find what you’re good at, and what is popular, and as a result, you’ll be better situated for earning yourself subscribers and regular viewers interested in learning more. By finding your niche, you’ll feel both confident and competent writing and talking across these two platforms.

Draw Attention

Social media is going to be your best friend as you begin trying to grow your fan base and your bank of loyal subscribers.You can promote your pages across all the popular platforms from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to YouTube features and guest appearances to adverts. Adverts, however, are among the most expensive methods of getting noticed so perhaps thinking about employing the help of such once you become little more established and have profited from your channel and or blog. As an alternative, consider giving away freebies like restaurant vouchers or tickets to concerts, click here for more information on tickets, or hold Q and A sessions over on your YouTube channel.

Work The Aesthetics

Your online presence should be an attractive one, especially since you’re trying to engage your viewers from the start and hold their attention. Therefore,either rope in the help of professional website builders, or consult theliterature on informative blogs so that you can learn how to customise the appearance of your pages. Using a muted colour scheme and unfussy layout will most likely serve you best as you don’t want to turn viewers away with garish presentation and clunky ill written paragraphs of text.

Know Your Stuff

If you plan to use your channel to teach tips and tricks on sports performance and training, then you will need to plan and structure your content and treat each post as a lesson in which you are responsible for being the educator. If for example, you wish to film a short video on how to improve your football passing and dribbling skills, then you’re going to want to add an element to your video that other football training videos might be lacking. You need to look for ways to implement this and incorporate it into your online teaching effectively and in such a way that still allows you to impart wisdom, and give pointers of expertise. You could consider using graphics or making some elements of your video interactive, for example. Follow the link for more ideas of making your YouTube videos stand out from the rest.

Ask For Feedback

There is no harm in asking your blog readers and channel subscribers to complete a two-minute feedback survey to give you some pointers and constructive criticism. Feedback can give you a better understanding as to how you could improve your content, and what is most enjoyed and most relevant according to your audience. Bydirectly asking your readers, you’re already engaging in communication with them, and thus, establishing a relationship with those you enjoy your content. Establishing and maintaining online relationships will benefit you significantly if you’re going to keep hold of the viewers you already have while gaining new ones.
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