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Venezuelan basket team Guaros de Lara chooses Nacsport

Nacsport has made an energetic start to the year 2014. Coaches from Guaros de Lara BBC (basketball team from the highest category in Venezuela coached by Daniel Seoane) have chosen Nacsport professional software for their performance analysis workflows.

We would like to express our gratitude to Guaro de Lara's officials and technical staff for their trust in our products. We would like to wish them the best of luck for the forthcoming season.

Guaros de Lara is now in the preseason stage as the championship will start next month. They will face Gigantes in two matches on the 7th and 8th of February.

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Rugby in the South West of England benefits from Nacsport

Recently, there has been a boost in the use of performance analysis in rugby teams from the South West of England. With Premiership club Exeter Chiefs just on the doorstep, many teams are wanting to mirror the processes carried out at that Elite level of performance.

Nacsport, used by Exeter Chiefs, has been able to contribute to this boost by providing affordable and powerful software to local clubs so that they can carry out performance analysis in the same way the elite levels do. Two clubs local to Josh Bryan (Support Manager of our UK and Ireland representatives AnalysisPro Ltd) have purchased Nacsport during their pre-season to give themselves an edge over their competitors during the new season.

Paignton Rugby Club and Brixham Rugby Club will benefit from a close relationship with Josh along with other clubs in the region who are showing interest and are keen to replicate the workflows carried out by Exeter Chiefs and other elite level rugby teams. We would like to welcome Paignton Rugby Club and Brixham Rugby Club to the growing Nacsport community and look forward to them using our product.

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Estudiantes: Another team from Liga Endesa using Nacsport

This Thursday, Club Estudiantes has become the latest team in Spain's highest basketball league (Liga Endesa) to purchase Nacsport software. With this agreement, Nacsport has extended the number of high level teams in the country using it's programs.

Estudiantes is a club with a long history in Spanish and European basketball, taking part in the creation of the Spanish league, one of the most important domestic competitions in the world nowadays. Many of the players throughout it's history have had brilliant careers and have been long remembered in Spanish basketball.

With this purchase, Club Estudiantes becomes the tenth team (ouf of 18) to use Nacsport programs, meaning that nearly 60% of the teams in the highest competition in Spain currently use them. Nacsport would like to thank Estudiantes’ officials and coaches for the trust in our product and hopes that this collaboration will bring success and benefits for both organisations.


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Half of the teams in the Spanish Basketball League trust in Nacsport

At least nine out of the eighteen teams participating in Liga Endesa (formerly ACB), the highest league in Spanish basketball, work with Nacsport software. Soon, more teams in the league may also use Nacsport like their fellow competitors and the Spanish national team.

A wide representation of Spanish basketball trust in the software developed by Nacsport. In Liga Endesa, considered one of the best domestic leagues in the world, half of the teams work with its licenses.

This amount could soon be increased with two more teams: Nacsport is negotiating with one team, and the other's licence renewal is pending for the current season. If both teams get the software, 60% of the 2012-2013 Spanish League will use Nacsport programs.

Apart from these league teams, the Spanish national team (silver medallists in the 2012 Olympic Games after being defeated by USA in the final and current champions of Eurobasket) are another user of Nacsport software.



Testimonial: Víctor Lapeña e Isa Sánchez, coaches from Spanish female basket team

Isabel Sánchez and Víctor Lapeña are two members of the Spanish female basketball team, who last week became European champions after beating the host-team, France, in the final. They are both responsible for scouting in the Spanish side.

"We began working with Nacsport last summer", explains Isabel Sánchez, "and since then we have had two really successful championships. I consider Nacsport as an excellent tool", she adds. Victor Lapeña stands by the fact that "once you handle the software, it's a very effective tool, helping in your daily tasks without losing quality".

Although they can't specifically say how much Nacsport collaborates in their victories, they match their answers by claiming that the software "is essential for our workflows, as we analyse our own games and also our rival's".

According to Isabel, with Nacsport "we are able to optimise our work. We do our work fast and provide a high amount of data". Victor stands out the ability to analyse whatever you need. "The software adjusts to your needs". "It's a very simple and intuitive tool", they both sum up.

Satisfaction is doubled when you work with the support services. "Their work is immaculate. They always take care of you, by supporting you when there is an issue or solving any questions". For Víctor, this is a "necessary feature to be helped and to keep improving". They both would recommend software to other coaches. "Test it and you will see", says Victor.


Testimonial: Carlos García Cuenca, RC Polo hockey head coach (Spain)

Carlos García Cuenca is the head coach from Real Club de Polo de Barcelona. This Catalonian side has recently become Spanish champions of the hockey league. One week after winning this title, he is exclusively interviewed by the Nacsport official website. He talks about the role played by our software in his day-to-day work.

Daily work with Nacsport provides him with loads of information “but you have to distinguish what is important and what is not in a given moment” to use it effectively with your team. In fact, Carlos García Cuenca explains that “my staff and I would not understand our daily workflow without this software. It is another important part of our whole structure. Nacsport does not score goals, but provides us with the basic information to score them”.

García Cuenca has been a Nacsport user “almost since its origin”. For this reason, he has been able to “experience the program’s evolution and I can do nothing more but praise the software”. “It’s simple for a coach to use this tool to visualize both our matches and our rival’s in subsequent stages. The information we can extract from them is amazing”.

Objective feedback

“With Nacsport we work on objective aspects, not subjective ones. We work on facts, not feelings”, says Carlos García Cuenca, regarding the quality of information provided. “This is simple for us. We get a real feedback and we can analyse our rivals deeply”.

Nacsport is really proud to count on García Cuenca among its most notable users. His trust in our products has been there for many years, and shows in his answers. “I think I was one of the first coaches to use this tool. I have worked with all the versions and I have never experienced regression. I would say quite the opposite”.

Garcia Cuenca underlines the help received by the support service as well. “This is a high quality extra service. With it, they increase tool functionality and performance. My experience has been more than positive. Any request, incident or doubts have always been solved quickly and effectively. I still remember some situations with competition stress when I needed help and they were always solved in appropriate time. Great service!”.

We would like to use this interview to publicly congratulate this coach not only for the championship but also for his capability and professionalism. Likewise, we would like to extend this congratulation to all the Real Club Polo de Barcelona members. Nacsport is at your entire disposal, as always, in case you have any need from us.