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Hockey club HGC, from the Dutch league, renew their contract with Nacsport for 3 more years

HGC is one of the first users of Nacsport in The Netherlands, starting with video analysis almost 8 years ago.

First, they started with one license for the senior men's team and not much later they purchased a second license for the first senior women's team. Also, for the youth teams they purchased different licenses around 3 years ago.

Nacsport is very happy with the confidence that HGC put in their products and thank CaJa Sport Software for their effort to renew the agreement.

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Successful Premiership Reading Hockey Club will work with Nacsport

Nacsport's client list keeps growing with very important sides. In this case, today we welcome Reading Hockey Club, one of the most successful field hockey clubs in the United Kingdom.

After 18 matches in the English Men's Premier Division 2012/13, Reading Hockey Club is in the fourth place of the table. Second place is just three points ahead.

Another great negotiation carried out by British resellers, AnalysisPro Ltd, to further increase the Nacsport family. Our company is very pleased by this starting relationship between both organisations, hopefully leading to a strengthened collaboration aimed to improve video analysis workflows of that English side.

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Premiership Rugby Club Exeter Chiefs joins Nacsport family

Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club, currently playing in the top-tier of English rugby –Aviva Premiership- has recently joined the Nacsport family by purchasing licenses to help develop and expand their existing workflows throughout the club.

Founded in the 1870's, Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club is based in the city of the same name in Devon. They were promoted for the very first time to the highest category of the English rugby in 2010. This season, they are also playing in the European Challenge Cup and the Anglo-Welsh Cup.

The Premiership side from Exeter is based close to the Support Manager of AnalysisPro Ltd, Josh Bryan, who is looking forward to supporting the team with their analysis requirements and also showcasing to other local clubs and schools how the elite level workflows carried out at a club like Exeter Chiefs can be replicated easily and in an affordable way.

For Nacsport, it is a great honor and pleasure to count on this important new user. We thank the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club officials for their trust in our products, and hope to develop a long term working relationship by assisting them in their task of continually improving performance analysis processes.

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Testimonial: Jesús Olivera, video analyst Sevilla FC (football, Spain)

We have recently talked with Jesus Olivera, the analyst from Sevilla Futbol Club, one of Nacsport's users in the Spanish Liga. Satisfied with the software, he explains that the program “makes our analysis work easier and lets us save time in comparison to other software”.

According to Olivera, using technology in the world of sport is “very important”. “I would give it an 8 out of 10”, he added. As far as video analysis software is concerned, he stands out that Nacsport “allows us to analyse our teams and opponents”. After the capture phase, it’s time for them to gather their data.

“It’s very useful for us”, Olivera says. “Nacsport allows us to get data which helps to: know ourselves better, detect mistakes, visualise issues better and find out the strengths and weaknesses of our rivals”.

Sevilla FC have used Nacsport software from September 2011. “Our experience is good. Nacsport makes it easier for all of our work as already pointed out. I would emphasize how we can filter information thanks to categories distribution. Also, the real time workflow is essential for us”.

Olivera also talks about their constant help from the support service. “They help us a lot whenever we have any queries or issues. "If I had to grade them out of 10, I would give them an 11” he concludes.

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Spain, runner up of the 2012 Futsal World Cup

The Spanish futsal team ended a great World Cup yesterday even though they could not win the championship. Venancio Lopez's team was defeated by Brazil in the second half of extra time in the Final. Nacsport congratulates Spain on the effort and work they carried out throughout the tournament.

A goal twenty seconds before the end of extra time squandered any hope of winning the World Cup for the Spanish side. Without any time for reaction, Spain just missed out on a third World Championship despite playing a remarkable final.
Brazil scored first but Spain came from behind to upset the 'Canarihna'. This 2-1 score brought the Spaniard's dreams of being World Champions closer, but the Brazilian side scored an equaliser. Finally, in the cruelest way possible, when everyone was thinking about penalties, Neto netted another goal to seal the victory for Brazil.

This hard defeat does not dilute the excellent word carried out by Spain. Nacsport wants to publicly congratulate the Spanish futsal national team on their great work and effort throughout the World Cup.

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Saudi Arab soccer club Al Faisaly starts to work with Nacsport

Soccer club Al Faisaly, from the highest cathegory in Saudi Arabia, recently started to use Nacsport Video Analysis for their game analysis.

For Nacsport this is the first soccer club in Saudi Arabia. Nacsport is pleased that Al Faisaly is working now with our software and we are proud in their trust in the software.

On behalf of Nacsport we wish Al Faisaly FC all the best in the league and we are looking forward for a sportive and good cooperation.


Testimonial: Venancio López, head coach Spain's futsal team

Spain’s Futsal coach gives an exclusive interview for our website the day before setting off to conquer the third World Cup in Thailand. He mentions the important role that video analysis software plays in achieving objectives.

“We face this championship with the clear idea of winning it” declares Spain’s coach Venancio López. “We have been undefeated for some years and, for this reason, we cannot set ourselves another objective but becoming world champions again”. If Spain manage to achieve this ambitious challenge, this will be their third time on top, after their Guatemala 2000 and Taiwan 2004 triumphs.

The Spanish Futsal team will depart this Saturday to Thailand after being based in Madrid since 12th October. “We are still in a training stage and improving our performances every day. We are fulfilling our plans: settlement of physical and tactical work”, said the Spanish coach. He is paying attention to the smallest details.

Essential video analysis

Within this tune-up, Nacsport comes into play as the video analysis software used by the Spanish national team for a number of years. Venancio López considers the program “essential for our work, because Nacsport allows us to scout our rivals and also correct and improve our own virtues”.

“Nacsport basically helps us to reduce analysis time and resources. Also, it lets us centralise our workflows and needs of this sport and its technicians”, adds López. He concludes that “thanks to Nacsport we have faster performance analysis, even in real time, something of vital importance in a tournament like this one with short time”.

In fact, these last two weeks, Spain played two friendly games against the Salomon Islands and Costa Rica (both victories 9-0 and 6-1). From now on, according to Venancio Lopez, “this first stage of the World Cup –against Iran, Panama and Morocco- will be a good tune-up as well”.

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CB Canarias signs Nacsport in ACB return

CB Canarias has purchased this week two Nacsport licenses in its return to ACB, which is the highest competition in Spanish basketball and one of the most competitive leagues in the world.


With this purchase, Nacsport grows its presence in the Spanish Basketball League ACB. Many of its teams have already trusted in the software of our company.

Team from the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) achieved last season a promotion to ACB and this championship will face the best teams of Spanish basketball. CB Canarias was one of the founders of this competition in 1984 and played in it for several seasons. Even, this Spanish club participated twice in FIBA Korac Cup but in the last years has played in minor divisions.

Nacsport thanks the confidence placed by CB Canarias by its purchase of these two licenses and expects the software will satisfy its coaches, hoping to collaborate in the objectives set in this important season.

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Explaining Real Madrid style in 10 minutes

Recently Marca conducted a follow-up to the video analysis work performed by Sevilla FC with Nacsport software. The article describes in detail how the coaching staff led by Marcelino García prepares a match.

Ruben Uria, the assistant coach, is the responsible of this task, but it is a four person work. He explains the steps that they follow. First, a technician converts to a single video format the four rival matches to analyze. Later, two assistants watch the matches and register the actions what happens with the Nacsport software. Once done, Ruben Uría chooses the most significant actions for each of the concepts identified. Finally, the coach makes a final review to prepare a summary of 10 minutes, or 55 actions, to show to the players.

They analyze actions like: the position of the players, strategies, reject it, the goal kick, throw-ins, corner kicks, goals, attack, defense, steals, pressure, completions, dropouts, forwards, ...

Note that even though they try not to leave any aspect to chance, all this work should be done by the players on the field. Furthermore, they are those who have the intelligence, the talent, ... to win a game. Therefore, aspects such as team spirit, motivation, the support of the fans, ... are essential.

Source: Marca (16.12.11)

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Lecture by Juanjo Vila, analyst of Valencia CF

Juanjo Vila explains the methodology behind the video analysis work that occurs at Valencia CF, where he works as an analyst. This exclusive interview was organized by "Football for Coaches" on 17 May, 2011 during a trip with their associates to Valencia C.F.

On this visit the partners of "Football for coaches" had the opportunity to see first-hand the work of Juanjo Vila, who as an analyst is well regarded by the professional teams of the first division.

His role is to assess the opposing teams and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Once this is completed he provides a report to the coach, the staff and the players. This involves watching many hours of matches to gain any advantage that will help to defeat the opponent.

Juanjo now working with Valencia CF, having come from Deportivo La Coruña, has had to adapt to the Unai Emery system, which differs from that of Miguel Ángel Lotina. However there are some aspects that do not vary between the coaches, such as offensive and defensive strategies or ball release maneuvers.

To the interest of those visiting, Juanjo explained how he performs his role. During each game he makes a real time report for the coach, Unai Emery, by controlling all the cameras that are installed at the stadium. Using Nacsport (video analysis software), he marks particular actions during the match that the staff from the bench communicate as important.

At half time, he goes to the locker room, and using a projector and screen, he shows the staff all the actions noted as important during the first half, from both their own team and the opponent. After they select the most essential actions, Unai Emery shows them to the players to correct mistakes or communicate instructions to beat the opponent. The speed of this process is extremely important, and the use of these tools allows the players to understand these concepts without difficulty.

This was found to be a very useful talk demonstrating the new technologies available to the coaching staff and the players.

Source: Fútbol para entrenadores (17 May, 2011)