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Analysis using video as a source of futsal evolution

Alberto Rodríguez, staff member of the Spanish Futsal Team, is responsible for analyzing the actions of the players on the court using video analysis software which "is essential in any team". This interview was made in the 5th program of "Football Parqué".

What is video analysis work?
Basically, we analyze all the matches in every championship that we go to. We record the matches in real time with a video camera and a laptop, and at the same time we are analyzing the actions according to the parameters that the national coach, Venancio López, defined as important to him.

This activity is not just a hobby for you, but you have a company dedicated to it?
We developed the software (Nacsport) used to analyze the games and the actions of the players. It's not only used in Futsal, as the Spanish Basketball and Hockey Team also used this tool; and of course it is used in many other countries.

How did this did you start working with the Spanish Futsal Team?
Venancio and I had a mutual friend who knew our work. He told him to take a look at the software, and a simple presentation became a good relationship.. He offered us a proposal to be involved in the championships, which we accepted.

How long have you doing video analysis work?
We have been doing this a long time. I began eight years ago with the development of the software, but as a company with this business structure, we have been on the market for 2- 3 years.

What are the steps to analyze an opposing team?
César Arcones, goalkeeper coach of the team, will record the game while I'm connected to the camera with a laptop analyzing all the actions. For example, whenever there is foul, a shot or a goal; I mark it with the software. Thus the coaching staff can easily review every action, both at half time and at the end in a quick and organized manner.

Is this work done in every game?
Usually, we analyze games at every championship. It is useful to store all the information, because if you are going to play against Brazil for example, you can use the previously analyzed videos from other championships to determine different aspects depending on the information you have.

What are the most important points?
I like to say that we are the kitchen assistants and the coach is the chef. Our role as an analyst is to have all the information that has been predefined, and then it's up to the coach to decide what is important. There are basic categories and actions, such as build ups, 5v4, presses from our team or the opposition as well as the actions of the individual players.

How much time do you need to make a careful analysis of the most important teams, like Brazil?
Generally, we do the analysis during the game. Then there is the time it takes the coach to draw conclusions, depending on the opponent and the tournament. Our work typically takes the same time in every game but not the work of the coach whose working time changes because every game is different. Yet, the time is finite, so the depth of analysis has its limits. We never give an opinion or conclusion to the coach; we just analyze and communicate the information.

The use of this technology helps to improve the teams
In other sports, the video analyst is as important as the physical therapist or doctor. When the coaches and technicians are aware of the usefulness of this role, they become dependent on it being an essential part of their work.

Source: Spanish Royal Football Federation (15 May, 2011)

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The success of the Spanish Basketball Teams

This summer the Spanish Basketball teams have finished on the podium in each of the tournaments that they have competed in. They have won six medals at the European Championships and a number seven medal at the World Championships. Of all the medals won, no less than four are gold.

At the end of the month, the senior team will be competing at the European Championships in Lithuania, which is a qualifier for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Nacsport is proud that the Spanish Basketball Federation has chosen to use our software for their video analysis. We wish to them continued success for the future.

8 teams Spain basket

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The eyes of the spy

Since the end of the Cold War the time of “Spies” has long passed, however in the sporting world spying is becoming more important. They are scouts; people that try to analyze an opponents game to get an advantage and hopefully the key to victory. This task is performed in the Spanish Women’s Basketball Team by Susana García and Roberto Hernández. They explain in this article a little more about value of this work.

In a professional world where attention to detail is as important as knowing who you are, knowing your strengths and protecting your flaws, it is just as important to know your opponent’s abilities. This is the responsibility of Susana Garcia and Roberto Hernandez as technical assistants to the national coach of the Spanish Women’s Basketball Team. Together under the supervision of José Ignacio Hernandez, they must find the key to defeating the opposition.

Susana makes the individual scouting of the best players, while Roberto analyzes the opposition’s tactics. When we talk about analyzing the opponents Roberto is clear that "the first thing is to synthesize the information before offering it to a player, as it should not be saturated with all the information coaches are seeing". The excess information could lead to misinformation amongst the players.

Therefore the presentation must be clear and concise to show the key points of each team. The last step is the video session where the coaches show the players the way to beat the opposition, but before this point there are many hours of work. "Everyone has their own way of working; like many people, I make a quick review of the match to take notes of offensive and defensive aspects, and then analyze the attack and defense systems. Then we select the pieces of the videos with the most important actions that show the characteristics of each player and the team," says Roberto.

This methodology also applies to finding out who is who in each team and how they play. "Usually, to make an individual scouting I see all the possible videos looking for the player’s traits. For example, if I have 20 videos and in 15 of them the player is dribbling with the left I know that this is his good hand. After of that I select two videos to show to the players "said Susana.

For her, the key word is traits as she prefers to look at trends, rather than virtues or defects. "It's important to find the players traits. For example, if I can define that one player always turns using her left shoulder or always goes for the bottom line that is very helpful to the player. Virtues or defects aren’t the way to play, but perhaps we could speak of virtues and determine ways to stop it," she says. Susana’s objective is to convey to the players how to make the opponent feel uncomfortable on the court and not play her usual game. Although as noted by Susana, at this level the quality of the players is very high, "there are many players who don’t have identifiable traits because they are able to do everything. They are very competent players, dribbling with both hands, throw three point shot after dribbling and after a block, play one on one on the left and the right sides." So then, what do you say? "Nothing, they must be concentrating the whole game, and try to modify their shots or have the ball in their hands for the shortest time as possible," says Susana.

From the global to the concrete

Selección Española Femenina de BaloncestoThe scouting work is so complex that it needs to be done by two people and it can be as long as the level of detail required. They try to collect the as much information as possible and then present it to the players as specific information that allows the concepts to be easily understood. "Each coach may prefer to make a different kind of montage, as not only would there be a scouting description about the actions on the court but also solutions to what they are seeing. It is so important to know your opponent and "know how to breakdown their systems," says Roberto.

A game of spying where technology has entered a new realm "we now work with a new program called Nacsport provided by the Federation, which is great and makes our work much easier," said Susana. The new generation software is as important as the traditional blackboard and gadgets and you can also add points. A myriad of details that can remove a certain romanticism to the always useful pen and paper and make the capacity for surprise less each time. Nevertheless, Roberto recognizes that there is something that never changes, and it’s the advantage of seeing a live game to do a higher quality analysis. "You always see interesting things watching the game live. It’s when you see the signals better. The feelings are best seen live than on video, and you can perceive things that are beyond the plane of TV such as reactions of the bench, the players and coaches. The first thing to do is watch the live game and then work on the video’. An idea shared Susana García.

For her to see the players live "is different because you see different things, on the court you see feelings, attitudes, marks; things that you do not see in the video. However, the video lets you see other things, because you can go back and forth, you can see the game several times and make out different things." For the individual scout it is so important to see how a player handles the ball as part of her psychology. "There are players who know that if they have a bad start to the game, they lose their confidence. On the other hand, we must be aware of players who score on their first shots and they become someone to keep an eye on "says Susana.

“Everyone knows everyone’, adds Roberto Hernández, and for this reason it is worth having an ace up your sleeve for a key moment in the tournament. "The teams reserve some of their tactics for the right moment and they try not to show them before hand. We learn more each day, as we are able to view the games of our opponents and gather as much information as possible, such as the systems they use, the name of the defenses, rotations etc. As the tournament goes on you the more you know".

This is a championship where the defense is out mastering the attack and at the tactical level it is showing some interesting things. "The teams are showing many plays of double side blocks. For example, the guard with the ball receives two consecutive blocks on the side. It's not a surprise move but it is curious. Since we started the work of the scouting it has been a constant in many teams," said Roberto Hernández. He also recalls the large number of pivots doing blocks on the high post on the guard.

For Susana, with many years of experience and an unimaginable database of players, it is a tournament without surprise at the individual level. "I know them well enough. At the individual level I have seen all of them, I have a database of more than 700 players," she says. With this "spying" little is left to chance.

Susana and Roberto use their knowledge to assist the players; however the players of the Spanish Basketball Women's National Team also do a lot themselves. They listen carefully to all the instructions given on the court and in the video sessions. They watch live matches and videos in their rooms of the other teams to allow them to make their own conclusions. This is a basic task for concept assimilation. "If the players have a good level of concentration as ours do, they can easily apply their knowledge. If you tell a player 'this player starts on the left' you can see that the player is keeping an out for this action," says Susana.

Certainly, the attitude of the players helps them to understand the concepts easily. This is an important detail because usually there is not much time to work on the court and the scouting becomes basic. Our players are quite used to this dynamic, and usually they have a great capacity for assimilation." In the end, Roberto and Susana’s work is to communicate the concepts, but the players are the ones who have to use the knowledge to succeed.

Source: Spanish Basketball Federation (June 25, 2011)

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Sevilla FC new Nacsport user

The Sevilla F.C. has decided to purchase several licenses of our software for video analysis, and they will be used for First team and the youth teams. The club new head coach, Marcelino Garcia is confident about the benefits of our software for the next 2011-2012 season. With this new technology step the club will guaranty that all the team levels in the club will work with the same system and under the same Video Analysis philosophy.

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Nacsport, the secret of Marcelino

The Sevilla F.C. will not only have a demanding coach, but also a very methodical professional who doesn’t like to leave anything in the air or to chance, a person with leadership qualities who is used to controlling everything related to training.

Together with Ruben Uria, his right hand, and Ismael Fernández, physical trainer, Marcelino has an another ace up his sleeve. A secret he likes to keep hidden and to which he devotes many hours of his time. This is 'Nacsport', a software he has been working with for a long time and has become a vital tool in developing his training guidelines. Marcelino, with his coaching staff, uses this tool which is intended solely for the use of coaches and is based on the technique of video analysis; a practice that has become one of invisible training pillars of Marcelino.

'Nacsport' is a software that uses images captured from a DV camera connected to a computer that processes snapshots captured and synchronized with the program, which, by way of 'clicks' are processed by the software, allowing all the information to be instantly accessible, without delays or stopages.

After capturing the images, the coach can create an unlimited number of fully editable templates which introduce different and diverse concepts. This may represent different categories; technical aspects, an individual action or improvements for the next match. Weaknesses or strengths are other parameters that the coach can highlight with a simple click of the mouse.

Once the image has been captured, 'Nacsport' software cross references different input parameters, allowing quick conclusions and showing the principles specified by the coaching staff.

Also, Marcelino and his team can take any video frame to draw all the lines and notes that they need.

Source: Estadio Deportivo (June 13, 2011)

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The secret of Valencia CF

The daily “Que!es” reveals the secret of Valencia C.F.: A system that analyzes the game in real time.
Valencia C.F. is a leading next generation. Juanjo Vila send to Emery from the stands all the information about his team and the opponent inmediately."We control everything".

The Valencia C.F. not only leads the league, also in technology. Juanjo Vila, assistant Emery, is able to reveal all the secrets of a match instantly to the coach. "In less than 20 seconds -the time it takes to record, edit and send the image- Emery receive any information about our opponents and our team. The information comes off the computer bench via Wi-Fi" he told. Juanjo Vila, a pioneer in the league uses the direct analysis system more modern, “Nacsport”. "This technology comes from the steps of the NFL and hockey. Without doubt, from above you see the football better. I have been fifteen years of coaching and from grass only see legs. The stand gives a different perspective", he explains. The result is excellent.

What is the direct analysis system?
"We have a camera to record everything in HD (High Definition) and, unlike the point of view offer by televisions, this system includes views 'goal on goal', to capture the basic tactical movements and strategic positions", said Juanjo Vila.

Some coaches are contrary to use technology but not for Unai Emery. “He’s a coach who absorb all knowledge that helps. Of course, always very meticulous and methodical work", said to “Que!es” Juanjo Vila. This function not only adheres to the games. "We also record some training to enhance the work of the players", he says.

The only "virus" to the system is the perspective. "We have never encountered any problems to send the images to the bench. Sometimes we come across the difficulties of location in the stands, but from end to end football is like". Juanjo Vila said that they didn’t have problems in the Champions League. "They give all facilities to develop our work. In the LFP also help all the teams", he ends.

"This is a tool to help the coaches. The more eyes to see a match, the more chances we have".

"I do not think that my arrival has a relationship with the leadership of Valencia C.F.". The new star “Ché” Juanjo Vila, after fifteen years on the bench, has become a star in Valencia C.F.. Coincidence or not, with him the “Ché" Team is leader. "Many people tell me that my arrival had something to do, but I think it relates", he says.

Terry Venables was already doing. "This technology is pioneering, but it is something new in the football. Terry Venables - ex English player and coach - as he climbed into the stands. The LFP is trying now to implement new software, but Valencia C.F. is ahead", he explains.

Source: Qué!es (October 06, 2010)

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"The all-seeing eye"

Juanjo Vila has brought from Deportivo tactical analysis program live far more advanced

Nacsport, live strategist


Valencia has a gun without their biggest rivals, Real Madrid and Barcelona. The coach Juan Vila, signed this summer from Deportivo, has brought the system live-art analysis of the market, Nacsport. "coach Unai Emery is open to new things, is restless and absorb knowledge that can help" explains Juan Vila and his business partner, Mikel Jauregui.

The availability of coach and the fact that those responsible for handling the NAC are certified technicians are prerequisites to get all the performance collective tactical software that have very few football clubs in the world. Villarreal, Zaragoza and Espanyol recently purchased this tool it also succeeds in countries accustomed to technology such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. But, in Spain, Vila is a pioneer in the use of Birth

The NAC can "control virtually all" and make work easier Unai tactical, individual study of each player-work of the second Mr. Juan Carlos Carcedo-or Otxotorena training and advice to the doormen. A powerful tool to support both parties as workouts. "In the games from the top, more calm and no disturbing elements, we can see everything. The tactical position, the opponent's weaker side, the player more vulnerable, mistakes and successes in strategy, in the markings ... It is an aid. Emery read correctly matches, but with more eyes, more possibilities. When Lotina was removed and put up with me, saying that football is easy from up here, "recalls Vila.

The main thrust of the program is interactive analysis, almost seconds after the moves occurring in the game. Older software, such as the 'Match', which also owns the VCF-offered the option of digitizing the images and begin the study ended after the crash. Therefore, see Juan Carlos Carcedo working on the raw digitized planes after games became common technique last year.

Now, however, can claim Carcedo Unai and instant and on-demand and receive on your PC on the bench, the big plays of the game and edited, and receive the default actions prior to the start-fouls, corners, cross, etc. -. "We have a camera that records in HD (high definition) and, unlike the serial television offering, includes plans 'goal on goal', to capture the movements basic tactical and strategic positions. Program features a timeline that allows back to back without stopping the recording and digitization of the game in real time, "argues Vila.

Another substantial advantage is the ability to see the video the first time during the break on a projector that exists in the locker room with all sorts of individual and collective tactical details already published. That if, despite that one mistake can make clear to a player, Unai Emery is always in favor of correcting the imbalance from 'positive psychological reinforcement. "The ultimate responsibility for the images to use is always the Valencia coach.

Valencia and Ajax already working at full pace with a program that initially was tested in the world of hockey, especially, to analyze the penalty corner. A tactical and strategic move very complicated when defending. It is a sort of mini-corner which ends in shots on goal. "In the stands of the hockey stadiums of a tower exclusively for analysts' indicates Vila.

In turn, the true origin of this type of study tactics in the stands is in the American Football-NFL, where every team has at present six technical assistants with the video, who divide their analysis on their own team, opposing team , defense, attack and quarterback. Among the highlights Nacsport users of Spanish basketball Team, which next week begins the World Cup.


"Coach Unai Emery is open to everything new, is restless and absorbed all knowledge to help"
"Faced with the" Fiore "We saw a block worked in tactical and competitive"

"We can see the position, the weaker side, the most vulnerable player, strategy, ... all"


The VCF has signed two technical experts in image processing. Vila is the title of national coach and UEFA pro license. For five years he taught tactics, coached ten Galician and Third latter two tactical analyst Depor. Jauregui is a national trainer, dedicated mainly to the base and has been coordinator of the Football Elkartea Hondarribia.

Tactics and dissection of rival

The work of Vila and Jauregui extends beyond weekly work parties. The system was used in the preseason in Slovenia and occasional training in Paterna. Both published and dissected Valencia planes for tactical work-group of matches and training, always under the supervision of Emery. They also conduct a first filter for individual study of each player itself and rival Carcedo task.

In the final product is the player with a video of 3 or 4 minutes to know the strengths to exploit in their face to face with the opponents very useful material when it is an unknown opponent, from other leagues.

Finally, Juan Vila is responsible for spying on rival each week with the DVD provided by the recording department, which has one of the most comprehensive film libraries in Europe. Of their work are born videos of the talks, after the final okay and Carcedo Emery. The recorded product from other teams scouting serves the technical secretariat.

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Spanish national team’s “Big Brother”

The secret, dark and effective job: Two Venancio’s assistants record and analyze all the games and after they see it with the team.

Behind of this national team, there is much work that it doesn’t see. One of those tools is the particular Big Brother that Venancio has. The main coach has two persons who charge to record and mince all the games to present to the players the opponent’s videos.

Cesar Arcones, assistant of Jesús Velasco in Caja Segovia team, and Alberto Rodríguez, are the attendants of that job, and their great allied is the Nacsport software, used too in other sports as the field hockey, basketball or football. Teams like Villareal, Deportivo, Celta o Betis are using it.

The work with this software it’s composed by three parts: register the data, work and edit it and present it to the players. The first one it’s done in real time. In real time, the game is recorded and all the possible actions are registered.”A normal game could have between 250 and 300 registers, but the Spanish team’s register, which has an individualized following of each player, could has until 500”, remarks.

All that information is what Venancio uses to prepare the videos that he shows to the players in what doesn’t appear more than 10 or 12 situations. “We want that the players receive just the precise information. Concise information to don’t bore them.

Between José Venancio, Alberto and César have five hard disk, with around five terabytes capacity, where they safe all the data, thousand of actions from all the games in this European Championship and previous games of the Spain opponents. “To prepare a game, we analyze around the opponent’s four or five games, what means around 1.000 or 1.5000 totally actions.

Source: Marca (30.01.10)

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Spain, a leader in the use of technology in elite sport



The importance of technology applied to sport is growing enormously. Field hockey is one of the sports most interested in the subject

Blackboards and walkie-talkies now form part of the past.

Since Maurits Hendriks started to work with the Spanish team, he has been supporting technological innovation. After buying a video analysis computer program, he went one step further and invited programmer Alberto Rodríguez to join his staff as IT Expert.

Spain is a leader in the use of computer technology in this field. In the Alcalá la Real Challenge, and more recently in the Rabo Trophy, Hendriks’s team tested a version which enables the coach to receive information in real-time.

Through a wireless network, the Dutch coach can see any aspect of the game being played as many times has he wishes on a computer. The "traditional" analytical system remains in place, although with a new format with which its conclusions are used to study matches afterwards.

In the Wagener Stadium, Maurits Hendriks surprised everyone with a laptop on which he could not only see images, but his assistants’ tactical sketches. "The idea is simply to provide as much high quality information as possible in real time so that the coach can make the best possible decisions", summarises Alberto Rodríguez.

The system is a complex one and has been developed by a Canary Island company, Nacsport, of which Rodríguez is a partner. The national team films all its matches with a video camera. The images are processed by a computer, which then sends the coach the information he needs.

At the same time, Maurits Hendriks sees the match around twelve seconds later than real time. If something unexpected occurs, a quick look at the computer enables him to watch it over and over again.

The technological infrastructure accompanying the Spanish team has grown and become increasingly complex. Work starts a hour and a half before each match. "I always say that we start to play a hour and a half beforehand", says Rodríguez. "We need a safety margin to make sure that everything is working properly, because there is no room for mistakes", adds the programmer.


After installing the video camera that records the images on a tower, the wireless network is installed through two directional antenna that cover the pitch. Two computers are used. One of them records the match for subsequent analysis and the other is connected to the coach.

Maurits Hendriks’s assistant, Toom Slepman, is responsible for selecting specific aspects of the match, especially penalty corners. From this computer he sends the signal to the laptop, where Hendriks can see them as often as he wishes. He can also add sketches, showing tactical variants against the background picture. As well as this computer, the coach also has a smaller "Tablet PC" for viewing purposes.

In the upcoming European Cup at Leipzig, another touch screen computer will be used by Dani Martin, another of Hendriks’s assistants. The Atlétic coach will be able to transmit information based on static sequences, and add sketches. All this has to be repeated on a daily basis, because the structure is not fixed throughout the tournament. And then there is the work for the national team’s matches.

Hendriks wants as much information as possible about the team’s rivals, so all the matches in this competition are recorded; this is also the system used by other national teams.

As well as this revolutionary analytical system, all the Spanish team’s staff members are connected via radio. The aim is to miss nothing and be aware of the smallest details in every match.


When in international competitions, the Spanish team travels with all the images of all the games played in the last few tournaments, which are currently stored on five high-capacity hard disks. So baggage check-in is complicated when the Spanish team is travelling.

Not only do they take the players’ luggage and the physiotherapists’ medical material, but also their computer equipment. Two special units weighing over 80 kilos were checked in the last time the team travelled to Holland. More sensitive material travelled in the cabin.

Maurits Hendriks believes that Spain is the most advanced country in this subject and has the added advantage of having Alberto Rodríguez on its side. When they arrive at the hotel, the programmer is readily available if an adjustment is required for the program. Rodríguez admits that it is not "false modesty, but no one is on our level when it comes to information”.

However, the Canary Island computer expert agrees that "however many computers we may have, if we don’t score goals they are not much use".


• A video camera
• Two computers on recording tower
• A wireless computer network through two directional antennae
• A laptop computer for the coach
• A Tablet PC for the coach
• Another touch screen computer for his assistants
• The total weight of all the computing material is in excess of 80 kilos

Nacsport, from hockey to other team sports

Alberto Rodríguez is one of the founding partners of Nacsport, together with Guillermo Gil, currently responsible for technology for the Spanish Hockey Federation and Argentinean coach Jorge Dabanch. This adventure began five years ago. It was subsequently joined by the Taburiente Club. A project was created in Las Palmas to analyse video images through a computer program.

Hockey was the guinea pig. Other sports followed. Nacsport is undergoing a heavy growth process with the end not yet in sight.

Previously coaches could spend hours editing images of a match. They needed considerable time to prepare a summary for the players. With the program designed by Nacsport, there are a series of pre-established premises, which are always requested by coaches, but the aspects to be analysed can also be changed for each recording.

The analysis takes just a few seconds with this program. It represents a revolutionary change. This computer program has already been acquired by several Spanish hockey teams and all the national teams have Nacsport. The Dutch market has been approached in the last few months. According to Alberto Rodríguez, "They have bought more programs in two months than we have sold hear in a year".

This Canary Island company has been growing and specialising. Nacsport has created a special program for referees. The National Referees’ Committee uses it to analyse matches. Antonio Morales, the president of the Spanish referees, has been appointed Referee Manager of the upcoming European Cup in Leipzig and he will be using the program to watch how the referees perform at this event.

At the same time, Nacsport has a program for football which is used by the younger Spanish national teams and it is also used in water polo by Rafa Aguilar, five-a-side football, and volley ball. The company is also working in handball with Spanish national coach Juan Carlos Pastor.

Source: Diari de Terrassa