Inside Sevilla FC’s Area of Analysis (Part 1)

Sevilla FC is an exemplary team within Spanish football. The club’s management model and their signing policy are just a couple of the most successful acknowledgments. However, their commitment to innovation also goes above and beyond. Their Analysis department is pioneering in Spain and in just a couple of seasons, they have become a reference for others within Spanish football.

Valencia Basket: how do they prepare a game?

*Read Time: 4 minutes

Wednesday, October 4th. Today it’s gameday at La Fonteta. Three hours before facing Obradoiro in the second game in the Spanish basketball top tier Liga ACB. Jaume Ponsarnau answers our phone call. He is now seemingly relaxed as the pre-game work has all been done. Now it’s time for the players to put into practice what they have learnt from the video analysis during the week, to get another victory.