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CBV Binnenland extends agreement and licenses with Nacsport

Dutch basketball team CBV Binnenland has recently extended its agreement with CaJa Sport software, Nacsport resellers for that country. Also, they have purchased new licenses for their performance video analysis workflows.

So far, CBV Binnenland senior women team –playing in the highest Dutch competition- already use Nacsport. From now on, three new teams will join to Nacsport processes: first senior men team, U20 women and U18 men.

This new scenario is aimed to improve CBV Binnenland performance analysis workflows. Nacsport would like to thank CaJa Sport Software to carry out these negotiations and CBV Binnenland for the trust in our products.

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Half of the teams in the Spanish Basketball League trust in Nacsport

At least nine out of the eighteen teams participating in Liga Endesa (formerly ACB), the highest league in Spanish basketball, work with Nacsport software. Soon, more teams in the league may also use Nacsport like their fellow competitors and the Spanish national team.

A wide representation of Spanish basketball trust in the software developed by Nacsport. In Liga Endesa, considered one of the best domestic leagues in the world, half of the teams work with its licenses.

This amount could soon be increased with two more teams: Nacsport is negotiating with one team, and the other's licence renewal is pending for the current season. If both teams get the software, 60% of the 2012-2013 Spanish League will use Nacsport programs.

Apart from these league teams, the Spanish national team (silver medallists in the 2012 Olympic Games after being defeated by USA in the final and current champions of Eurobasket) are another user of Nacsport software.


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Nacsport & sign agreement until 2016

CaJa Sport Software, Nacsport distributor in the Netherlands, have recently signed an agreement with, Dutch Women basketball team until the summer of 2016. has been working with Nacsport for a year, but now is certifying this agreement to use the software for the long-term to improve their video analysis workflows.

With Nacsport, coaches from this side will have better and faster information for their teams, players or staff, as well as scouting processes from opponent teams.

CaJa Sport Software is really happy with trust in Nacsport products. It is a really important agreement as this team has been participating in the highest Dutch basketball league for a long time.


Testimonial: Víctor Lapeña e Isa Sánchez, coaches from Spanish female basket team

Isabel Sánchez and Víctor Lapeña are two members of the Spanish female basketball team, who last week became European champions after beating the host-team, France, in the final. They are both responsible for scouting in the Spanish side.

"We began working with Nacsport last summer", explains Isabel Sánchez, "and since then we have had two really successful championships. I consider Nacsport as an excellent tool", she adds. Victor Lapeña stands by the fact that "once you handle the software, it's a very effective tool, helping in your daily tasks without losing quality".

Although they can't specifically say how much Nacsport collaborates in their victories, they match their answers by claiming that the software "is essential for our workflows, as we analyse our own games and also our rival's".

According to Isabel, with Nacsport "we are able to optimise our work. We do our work fast and provide a high amount of data". Victor stands out the ability to analyse whatever you need. "The software adjusts to your needs". "It's a very simple and intuitive tool", they both sum up.

Satisfaction is doubled when you work with the support services. "Their work is immaculate. They always take care of you, by supporting you when there is an issue or solving any questions". For Víctor, this is a "necessary feature to be helped and to keep improving". They both would recommend software to other coaches. "Test it and you will see", says Victor.

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ZZ Leiden become Dutch Basketball League Champions

Last night, ZZ Leiden became champions of the Dutch Basketball League after their win over Aris Leeuwarden (65-59). Both champion and contender are Nacsport users.

It is the second championship for ZZ Leiden in the last three seasons. Nacsport and our resellers in the Netherlands (CaJa Sport Software) want to congratulate both teams for having reached such an important final, and especially to ZZ Leiden after being crowned as champions.


Testimonial: Erik Braal. Head coach Aris Leeuwarden & assisstant coach Dutch women basketball team

"For four years, I have used Nacsport video analysis software for my analysis work with the Dutch National Women's team and as well for my work with the professional men's basketball team Aris Leeuwarden. The software allows me to make clear analysis and to present it in an easy way. With the software we can analyse and study trends from the opponent in great depth, as well as studying our own team to ensure we have the maximum preparation over our opponents.

On each possession, we can add an unlimited amount of descriptors, and in this way we are able to view the effectiveness of each possession. Alongside an analysis from our opponent, this gives us a clear view about our own way of playing. Because of this, we know the parts that are going well but also the parts that we need to work on to further improve.

In the background, the team from Nacsport is open for feed back and where possible, make adjustments to further improve the software. There is a very dedicated support team and I am very satisfied with the software. I am convinced that it helps my teams and players to get the best out of their talent".

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FBPUR trust in Nacsport

The Basketball Federation of Puerto Rico (FBPUR) have renewed their trust in Nacsport software. The analysis team from this country in Central America will use an upper level version of the program to improve their performance analysis processes.

The national team of Puerto Rico counts on a considerable tradition within the basketball context in Latin America. In their history, this team has played in twelve World Cups and several Olympic Games, as well as many continental championships. Nowadays, Puerto Rico is ranked 19th in the FIBA for Men.

Nacsport is very proud that the FBPUR trust in their software and wishes Puerto Rico a lot of success in the future, whilst also keeping the commitment of maintaining workflows between both organisations.

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CB Canarias signs Nacsport in ACB return

CB Canarias has purchased this week two Nacsport licenses in its return to ACB, which is the highest competition in Spanish basketball and one of the most competitive leagues in the world.


With this purchase, Nacsport grows its presence in the Spanish Basketball League ACB. Many of its teams have already trusted in the software of our company.

Team from the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) achieved last season a promotion to ACB and this championship will face the best teams of Spanish basketball. CB Canarias was one of the founders of this competition in 1984 and played in it for several seasons. Even, this Spanish club participated twice in FIBA Korac Cup but in the last years has played in minor divisions.

Nacsport thanks the confidence placed by CB Canarias by its purchase of these two licenses and expects the software will satisfy its coaches, hoping to collaborate in the objectives set in this important season.

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Nacsport Video Analysis partner of CBV Binnenland

CBV Binnenland and Nacsport have closed a deal for the coming five years as partner. Carlo Daniels ( Nacsport ) and the chairman of the club ( Leo van den Adel ) signed the contract.

Nacsport is a company specialized in video analysis and offers a product for the starting trainer until the most advanced. Nacsport Video is used by the Dutch Basketball Federation ( all national teams ) and several teams of the Dutch Premier League. And now also CBV Binnenland with the first female team, number two of Holland last season of the highest division..

CBV Binnenland will use Nacsport to analyze their trainings and games the best way possible. With these analyses the trainer coaches can obtain any information they need from their own players as well of their opponents.

In the future CBV Binnenland will see how they will integrate Nacsport in other teams who are playing on a high level.

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Nacsport and NBB agreement renewal

Nacsport and Nederlandse Basketball Bond (NBB, Dutch Basketball Federation) have renewed agreement until 2016. This collaboration will be increased until integrating Nacsport in NBB courses.

Nacsport is very proud of the confidence shown by NBB in the software. You can see in the attached image the signature of the agreement by Carlo Daniels, official Nacsport reseller in Holland (right side) and Jan Wim Stals (left side), from NBB.