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Congrats young Canadian ladies!

Nacsport is always committed to every single user of its video analysis software, from grassroots to elite teams. For this reason, we would like to send our special congratulations to a youth hockey team, Vancouver Hawks, after they have become the league and play-off champions in their division of the Women’s Field Hockey League VWFHL.


Testimonial: Julian Barcelo, Real Sociedad women's hockey head coach (Spain)

Julián Barceló is the head coach for the Real Sociead Female Hockey Club, Spanish Champions since last week and current runners up in Eurohockey. He has been interviewed by Nacsport media and recognizes the "high percentage" these tools help in their victories.

A user of Nacsport for three seasons, he considers that our tool helps "a lot in my daily work, because I can present our mistakes and how to solve them in the same video. I can save set-plays as well, and watch them as many times as I wish, to analyse our own games and rival's performances".

"It's difficult to set one, but Nacsport helps us a lot in our workflow", he answers when he is asked about the percentage that Nacsport helps in victories. Our program helps him to "present work to my players" so that they can improve daily.

Barceló emphasizes that "each coach has his own way to analyse a match, but this kind of technology offers another one". Obviously, he would "recommend Nacsport to other coaches. And I would tell them not to have fear to use it, because sometimes we do not know possibilities, but finally we realise it's fundamental".

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ZZ Leiden become Dutch Basketball League Champions

Last night, ZZ Leiden became champions of the Dutch Basketball League after their win over Aris Leeuwarden (65-59). Both champion and contender are Nacsport users.

It is the second championship for ZZ Leiden in the last three seasons. Nacsport and our resellers in the Netherlands (CaJa Sport Software) want to congratulate both teams for having reached such an important final, and especially to ZZ Leiden after being crowned as champions.


Testimonial: Carlos García Cuenca, RC Polo hockey head coach (Spain)

Carlos García Cuenca is the head coach from Real Club de Polo de Barcelona. This Catalonian side has recently become Spanish champions of the hockey league. One week after winning this title, he is exclusively interviewed by the Nacsport official website. He talks about the role played by our software in his day-to-day work.

Daily work with Nacsport provides him with loads of information “but you have to distinguish what is important and what is not in a given moment” to use it effectively with your team. In fact, Carlos García Cuenca explains that “my staff and I would not understand our daily workflow without this software. It is another important part of our whole structure. Nacsport does not score goals, but provides us with the basic information to score them”.

García Cuenca has been a Nacsport user “almost since its origin”. For this reason, he has been able to “experience the program’s evolution and I can do nothing more but praise the software”. “It’s simple for a coach to use this tool to visualize both our matches and our rival’s in subsequent stages. The information we can extract from them is amazing”.

Objective feedback

“With Nacsport we work on objective aspects, not subjective ones. We work on facts, not feelings”, says Carlos García Cuenca, regarding the quality of information provided. “This is simple for us. We get a real feedback and we can analyse our rivals deeply”.

Nacsport is really proud to count on García Cuenca among its most notable users. His trust in our products has been there for many years, and shows in his answers. “I think I was one of the first coaches to use this tool. I have worked with all the versions and I have never experienced regression. I would say quite the opposite”.

Garcia Cuenca underlines the help received by the support service as well. “This is a high quality extra service. With it, they increase tool functionality and performance. My experience has been more than positive. Any request, incident or doubts have always been solved quickly and effectively. I still remember some situations with competition stress when I needed help and they were always solved in appropriate time. Great service!”.

We would like to use this interview to publicly congratulate this coach not only for the championship but also for his capability and professionalism. Likewise, we would like to extend this congratulation to all the Real Club Polo de Barcelona members. Nacsport is at your entire disposal, as always, in case you have any need from us.

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The Spanish Men’s team to compete at the European Championships 2011

The Spanish Men’s Basketball team will compete at the European Championships in Lithuania from August 31 to September 18, 2011 The senior team are aiming to win the title of European Champions and qualify for the 2012 London Olympics Games.

The Spanish Basketball Federation uses Nacsport software to conduct their video analysis for their Senior and Junior national teams. We are proud that the Federation is using our software and we wish the senior team the same success that the other age groups have had throughout the summer.

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The success of the Spanish Basketball Teams

This summer the Spanish Basketball teams have finished on the podium in each of the tournaments that they have competed in. They have won six medals at the European Championships and a number seven medal at the World Championships. Of all the medals won, no less than four are gold.

At the end of the month, the senior team will be competing at the European Championships in Lithuania, which is a qualifier for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Nacsport is proud that the Spanish Basketball Federation has chosen to use our software for their video analysis. We wish to them continued success for the future.

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