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Nacsport, the secret of Marcelino

The Sevilla F.C. will not only have a demanding coach, but also a very methodical professional who doesn’t like to leave anything in the air or to chance, a person with leadership qualities who is used to controlling everything related to training.

Together with Ruben Uria, his right hand, and Ismael Fernández, physical trainer, Marcelino has an another ace up his sleeve. A secret he likes to keep hidden and to which he devotes many hours of his time. This is 'Nacsport', a software he has been working with for a long time and has become a vital tool in developing his training guidelines. Marcelino, with his coaching staff, uses this tool which is intended solely for the use of coaches and is based on the technique of video analysis; a practice that has become one of invisible training pillars of Marcelino.

'Nacsport' is a software that uses images captured from a DV camera connected to a computer that processes snapshots captured and synchronized with the program, which, by way of 'clicks' are processed by the software, allowing all the information to be instantly accessible, without delays or stopages.

After capturing the images, the coach can create an unlimited number of fully editable templates which introduce different and diverse concepts. This may represent different categories; technical aspects, an individual action or improvements for the next match. Weaknesses or strengths are other parameters that the coach can highlight with a simple click of the mouse.

Once the image has been captured, 'Nacsport' software cross references different input parameters, allowing quick conclusions and showing the principles specified by the coaching staff.

Also, Marcelino and his team can take any video frame to draw all the lines and notes that they need.

Source: Estadio Deportivo (June 13, 2011)

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The Football Association of Slovenia has joined to our customers list

Recently, the Football Association of Slovenia has decided that its video analysis work would be done with Nacsport software.

This will increase the number of national federations are already using our programs.

The technical management of the different federations greatly appreciate the use of our software to do the scouting work for the different selections.

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Nacsport is also used in the United Arab Emirates

On Saturday 31 July, an agreement was signed with the football club "Al Sharjah FC" which will be used by the Nacsport Elite software in the analysis of sports. Sharjah (Sharjah) is the third largest city in the UAE after Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Training on the use of Nacsport took place in the Portuguese city of Braga, which applied the tools of the program to refine the tactical moves of the team and improve the collective performance, highlighting the weaknesses and reaffirming the strengths.

Al Sharjah team, played a friendly against Braga team.