Video analysis for the Italian futsal team

Since 2013, Davide Marfella has been the video analyst in the Italian Football Federation. He is responsible for six futsal teams: senior men and women’s teams, U23, U19 and both U17 male and female teams. In the following article, Davide shows us the skills a professional must have to work for the Azzurri.
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Coaches from AIAC5 Veneto will be able to work with Nacsport after agreement

Nacsport have reached an agreement with AIAC5 Veneto (Italian Futsal Coaches Association in the region of Veneto) to offer all its members our video analysis products with a special price.

Moreover, our reseller in Italy will teach specific courses of Nacsport video analysis workflows to Veneto's coaches and will support and help all the users who will join in with this special offer.

Roberto Quaranta, an umpire from this organisation, has declared after this agreement that "it was reached to offer a service aimed at our members, with the objective of improving knowledge and capabilities of the coaches".

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Spain, runner up of the 2012 Futsal World Cup

The Spanish futsal team ended a great World Cup yesterday even though they could not win the championship. Venancio Lopez's team was defeated by Brazil in the second half of extra time in the Final. Nacsport congratulates Spain on the effort and work they carried out throughout the tournament.

A goal twenty seconds before the end of extra time squandered any hope of winning the World Cup for the Spanish side. Without any time for reaction, Spain just missed out on a third World Championship despite playing a remarkable final.
Brazil scored first but Spain came from behind to upset the 'Canarihna'. This 2-1 score brought the Spaniard's dreams of being World Champions closer, but the Brazilian side scored an equaliser. Finally, in the cruelest way possible, when everyone was thinking about penalties, Neto netted another goal to seal the victory for Brazil.

This hard defeat does not dilute the excellent word carried out by Spain. Nacsport wants to publicly congratulate the Spanish futsal national team on their great work and effort throughout the World Cup.


Testimonial: Venancio López, head coach Spain's futsal team

Spain’s Futsal coach gives an exclusive interview for our website the day before setting off to conquer the third World Cup in Thailand. He mentions the important role that video analysis software plays in achieving objectives.

“We face this championship with the clear idea of winning it” declares Spain’s coach Venancio López. “We have been undefeated for some years and, for this reason, we cannot set ourselves another objective but becoming world champions again”. If Spain manage to achieve this ambitious challenge, this will be their third time on top, after their Guatemala 2000 and Taiwan 2004 triumphs.

The Spanish Futsal team will depart this Saturday to Thailand after being based in Madrid since 12th October. “We are still in a training stage and improving our performances every day. We are fulfilling our plans: settlement of physical and tactical work”, said the Spanish coach. He is paying attention to the smallest details.

Essential video analysis

Within this tune-up, Nacsport comes into play as the video analysis software used by the Spanish national team for a number of years. Venancio López considers the program “essential for our work, because Nacsport allows us to scout our rivals and also correct and improve our own virtues”.

“Nacsport basically helps us to reduce analysis time and resources. Also, it lets us centralise our workflows and needs of this sport and its technicians”, adds López. He concludes that “thanks to Nacsport we have faster performance analysis, even in real time, something of vital importance in a tournament like this one with short time”.

In fact, these last two weeks, Spain played two friendly games against the Salomon Islands and Costa Rica (both victories 9-0 and 6-1). From now on, according to Venancio Lopez, “this first stage of the World Cup –against Iran, Panama and Morocco- will be a good tune-up as well”.

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Analysis using video as a source of futsal evolution

Alberto Rodríguez, staff member of the Spanish Futsal Team, is responsible for analyzing the actions of the players on the court using video analysis software which "is essential in any team". This interview was made in the 5th program of "Football Parqué".

What is video analysis work?
Basically, we analyze all the matches in every championship that we go to. We record the matches in real time with a video camera and a laptop, and at the same time we are analyzing the actions according to the parameters that the national coach, Venancio López, defined as important to him.

This activity is not just a hobby for you, but you have a company dedicated to it?
We developed the software (Nacsport) used to analyze the games and the actions of the players. It's not only used in Futsal, as the Spanish Basketball and Hockey Team also used this tool; and of course it is used in many other countries.

How did this did you start working with the Spanish Futsal Team?
Venancio and I had a mutual friend who knew our work. He told him to take a look at the software, and a simple presentation became a good relationship.. He offered us a proposal to be involved in the championships, which we accepted.

How long have you doing video analysis work?
We have been doing this a long time. I began eight years ago with the development of the software, but as a company with this business structure, we have been on the market for 2- 3 years.

What are the steps to analyze an opposing team?
César Arcones, goalkeeper coach of the team, will record the game while I'm connected to the camera with a laptop analyzing all the actions. For example, whenever there is foul, a shot or a goal; I mark it with the software. Thus the coaching staff can easily review every action, both at half time and at the end in a quick and organized manner.

Is this work done in every game?
Usually, we analyze games at every championship. It is useful to store all the information, because if you are going to play against Brazil for example, you can use the previously analyzed videos from other championships to determine different aspects depending on the information you have.

What are the most important points?
I like to say that we are the kitchen assistants and the coach is the chef. Our role as an analyst is to have all the information that has been predefined, and then it's up to the coach to decide what is important. There are basic categories and actions, such as build ups, 5v4, presses from our team or the opposition as well as the actions of the individual players.

How much time do you need to make a careful analysis of the most important teams, like Brazil?
Generally, we do the analysis during the game. Then there is the time it takes the coach to draw conclusions, depending on the opponent and the tournament. Our work typically takes the same time in every game but not the work of the coach whose working time changes because every game is different. Yet, the time is finite, so the depth of analysis has its limits. We never give an opinion or conclusion to the coach; we just analyze and communicate the information.

The use of this technology helps to improve the teams
In other sports, the video analyst is as important as the physical therapist or doctor. When the coaches and technicians are aware of the usefulness of this role, they become dependent on it being an essential part of their work.

Source: Spanish Royal Football Federation (15 May, 2011)

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The Újpest Futsal Club looks our logo

The Újpest Futsal Club, team of first division futsal of Hungary has begun to use our software. Also this season they looks our logo on their equipment.

This will continue to expand the number of futsal teams that work with our software. From Nacsport wish them good luck this season.