Testimonial: Nestor Mercado, HC Savona hockey head coach (Italy)

Nestor Mercado is the head coach for Savona HC, hockey club playing in the Italian Serie A2. Nacsport long-term user, he would "definitely" recommend the software to other coaches.

"I recommend it today and I'll recommend it always. I would say to those who are hesitant, if they want to reach their goals or reach good results in their works, they are not going to have a better teammate than Nacsport", says Nestor Mercado.

This Argentinean coach met Nacsport after another professional from hockey. A very common system to get to know the software: a word-of-mouth that has helped our company to grow. "It's really helpful software for my work and for my players".

Mercado talks about collaboration found in Nacsport software to his workflow. "The software clarifies my objectives. Not only regarding matches, but also in training sessions. Players clearly understand what you are asking them".

"With Nacsport is like your analysis processes were more sensitive. Nowadays, in hockey, it's difficult to analyse play details with short time. Then, Nacsport allow me to see these details..." adds Mercado.

Moreover, he claims that "it's a simple software to understand and really easy to use so as to extract valuable information aimed to get your aims, but not only the senior team's objectives, but also to work with youth teams".


Testimonial: Julian Barcelo, Real Sociedad women's hockey head coach (Spain)

Julián Barceló is the head coach for the Real Sociead Female Hockey Club, Spanish Champions since last week and current runners up in Eurohockey. He has been interviewed by Nacsport media and recognizes the "high percentage" these tools help in their victories.

A user of Nacsport for three seasons, he considers that our tool helps "a lot in my daily work, because I can present our mistakes and how to solve them in the same video. I can save set-plays as well, and watch them as many times as I wish, to analyse our own games and rival's performances".

"It's difficult to set one, but Nacsport helps us a lot in our workflow", he answers when he is asked about the percentage that Nacsport helps in victories. Our program helps him to "present work to my players" so that they can improve daily.

Barceló emphasizes that "each coach has his own way to analyse a match, but this kind of technology offers another one". Obviously, he would "recommend Nacsport to other coaches. And I would tell them not to have fear to use it, because sometimes we do not know possibilities, but finally we realise it's fundamental".


Testimonial: Carlos García Cuenca, RC Polo hockey head coach (Spain)

Carlos García Cuenca is the head coach from Real Club de Polo de Barcelona. This Catalonian side has recently become Spanish champions of the hockey league. One week after winning this title, he is exclusively interviewed by the Nacsport official website. He talks about the role played by our software in his day-to-day work.

Daily work with Nacsport provides him with loads of information “but you have to distinguish what is important and what is not in a given moment” to use it effectively with your team. In fact, Carlos García Cuenca explains that “my staff and I would not understand our daily workflow without this software. It is another important part of our whole structure. Nacsport does not score goals, but provides us with the basic information to score them”.

García Cuenca has been a Nacsport user “almost since its origin”. For this reason, he has been able to “experience the program’s evolution and I can do nothing more but praise the software”. “It’s simple for a coach to use this tool to visualize both our matches and our rival’s in subsequent stages. The information we can extract from them is amazing”.

Objective feedback

“With Nacsport we work on objective aspects, not subjective ones. We work on facts, not feelings”, says Carlos García Cuenca, regarding the quality of information provided. “This is simple for us. We get a real feedback and we can analyse our rivals deeply”.

Nacsport is really proud to count on García Cuenca among its most notable users. His trust in our products has been there for many years, and shows in his answers. “I think I was one of the first coaches to use this tool. I have worked with all the versions and I have never experienced regression. I would say quite the opposite”.

Garcia Cuenca underlines the help received by the support service as well. “This is a high quality extra service. With it, they increase tool functionality and performance. My experience has been more than positive. Any request, incident or doubts have always been solved quickly and effectively. I still remember some situations with competition stress when I needed help and they were always solved in appropriate time. Great service!”.

We would like to use this interview to publicly congratulate this coach not only for the championship but also for his capability and professionalism. Likewise, we would like to extend this congratulation to all the Real Club Polo de Barcelona members. Nacsport is at your entire disposal, as always, in case you have any need from us.

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Hockey club HGC, from the Dutch league, renew their contract with Nacsport for 3 more years

HGC is one of the first users of Nacsport in The Netherlands, starting with video analysis almost 8 years ago.

First, they started with one license for the senior men's team and not much later they purchased a second license for the first senior women's team. Also, for the youth teams they purchased different licenses around 3 years ago.

Nacsport is very happy with the confidence that HGC put in their products and thank CaJa Sport Software for their effort to renew the agreement.

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Successful Premiership Reading Hockey Club will work with Nacsport

Nacsport's client list keeps growing with very important sides. In this case, today we welcome Reading Hockey Club, one of the most successful field hockey clubs in the United Kingdom.

After 18 matches in the English Men's Premier Division 2012/13, Reading Hockey Club is in the fourth place of the table. Second place is just three points ahead.

Another great negotiation carried out by British resellers, AnalysisPro Ltd, to further increase the Nacsport family. Our company is very pleased by this starting relationship between both organisations, hopefully leading to a strengthened collaboration aimed to improve video analysis workflows of that English side.

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Nacsport to teach Italian field hockey coaches in Valencia

An expert from Nacsport will travel to Valencia next 1st-2nd March to meet a group of 20 Italian field hockey coaches and teach them how the software works.

This group of coaches and technical staff from the Italian Federation will travel to Spain to attend the World League Round 2 Valencia 2013, a tournament where female national teams from Spain, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic and Belarus will fight for a place in the World Cup.

The Italian Hockey Federation is already a Nacsport user and they use the software in their performance analysis workflows. This course will reinforce the partnership between both organisations.

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Workshops in Eastern Europe through EHF

In the first half of 2012, Nacsport experts visited two workshops in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Sofia (Bulgaria) to show video analysis software to coaches in Eastern Europe after agreement with the European Hockey Federation (EHF).

In April, Nacsport participated in a three-day workshop in the capital of Lithuania along with about twenty coaches from the Lithuanian, Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian federation. This meeting intended to show solutions to match the requirements for quality information using hi-tech software like the Nacsport programs.

The second workshop took place in Sofia in May. Around fifteen coaches from Macedonia, Greece, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria attended the meeting. The objective for Nacsport experts in this workshop was, as in Lithuania, to offer solutions to improve performance analysis through the use of the Nacsport software.

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Scouting for Spanish Hockey Teams

Continuing the relationship that was established many years ago between Nacsport and Real Federación Española de Hockey, the technicians of the teams will perform video analysis role for the Men's and Woman’s Seniors Team during the European Championship to be held in Mönchengladbach - Germany between 20 and 28 August using Nacsport software. The youth National Teams will also use Nacsport software during their tournaments.

We take this opportunity to wish the best for both teams in this tournament, and hopefully achieve their goal of qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics.

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EHF and Nacsport announce a collaboration

The European Hockey Federation (EHF) and Nacsport are delighted to announce a collaboration agreement.

• Through this agreement Nacsport will be the software endorsed by the EHF and an official coaching product of the EHF, including the Nacsport logo on EHF Home, Coaches and Development pages.
• The Nacsport basic program will be introduced as a core element of all the EuroHockey Coaching seminars conducted by the EHF.
• Nacsport will supply licenses to all the EHF Member Associations and will offer special conditions to EHF for its targeted Members.

Members of Nacsport staff will be present at the EHF High Level Coaching Seminar in Mönchengladbach in August 2011 and at future high level EHF Coaching Seminars.

Jorge Alcover, Vice-president of the EHF and Chair of the Development Committee said “We are delighted with the collaboration with Nacsport. Video analysis is an integral part of the training and analysis of elite hockey players. Through this partnership we are in a position to make the Nacsport programme available to all our Member Associations. This will enable them to build their knowledge of their players, thereby improving their technical training, which will intimately lead to better hockey players. Improving the quality and performance of the top athletes in our sport is an intrinsic part of the developing our sport. We are very grateful to Nacsport for entering this agreement, which we believe will be beneficial to both parties”.

Frank Gornés, from Nacsport, said: “We want to thank to the EHF for the confidence they have put in us. This agreement fills Nacsport with great pride and happiness for the recognition from EHF of the Nacsport work in the last years. From our side this agreement is one more reason to keep improving our products and services in order to supply all the needs that non-professional and professional coaches must face every day. For us it’s also a great chance to build new user friendly tools because the main developer in our tools its always the end user and we cannot do that if we don’t have the feedback that we get by being close and in touch everyday with all the coaches”.

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Congratulations for the successes in the season 2010-2011

From Nacsport we want to congratulate all our customers who have achieved their objectives in this season. Especially we want to congratulate all those who have achieved success, among which are the following:

Valencia CF. Third ranked in the men first division of Spanish Football League. Qualified for the Champions League
Real Betis Balompié. First ranked in the men second division of Spanish Football League. Up to the first division
VV Noordwijk. Champion of the Dutch Men Amateur Football League
Basketball Club Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden. Champion of the Dutch Men Basketball League
Atlétic Terrassa Hockey Club. Champion of the men first division of Spanish Hockey League
Club de Campo Villa de Madrid. Champion of the women first division of Spanish Hockey League
HC HGC. Champion of the men European Hockey League
FC Barcelona. Champion of the Spanish Men Cup of Roller Hockey
HYS The Hague. Champion of the Dutch Men Ice Hockey League

Congratulations to all of them and thank you for trust in our software. We hope to continue adding success together in coming seasons.