Testimonial: Venancio López, head coach Spain's futsal team

Spain’s Futsal coach gives an exclusive interview for our website the day before setting off to conquer the third World Cup in Thailand. He mentions the important role that video analysis software plays in achieving objectives.

“We face this championship with the clear idea of winning it” declares Spain’s coach Venancio López. “We have been undefeated for some years and, for this reason, we cannot set ourselves another objective but becoming world champions again”. If Spain manage to achieve this ambitious challenge, this will be their third time on top, after their Guatemala 2000 and Taiwan 2004 triumphs.

The Spanish Futsal team will depart this Saturday to Thailand after being based in Madrid since 12th October. “We are still in a training stage and improving our performances every day. We are fulfilling our plans: settlement of physical and tactical work”, said the Spanish coach. He is paying attention to the smallest details.

Essential video analysis

Within this tune-up, Nacsport comes into play as the video analysis software used by the Spanish national team for a number of years. Venancio López considers the program “essential for our work, because Nacsport allows us to scout our rivals and also correct and improve our own virtues”.

“Nacsport basically helps us to reduce analysis time and resources. Also, it lets us centralise our workflows and needs of this sport and its technicians”, adds López. He concludes that “thanks to Nacsport we have faster performance analysis, even in real time, something of vital importance in a tournament like this one with short time”.

In fact, these last two weeks, Spain played two friendly games against the Salomon Islands and Costa Rica (both victories 9-0 and 6-1). From now on, according to Venancio Lopez, “this first stage of the World Cup –against Iran, Panama and Morocco- will be a good tune-up as well”.


Testimonial: Hendriks, Spain's field hockey national team head coach


D.P. · Barcelona In spite of the technological support he uses, Hendriks never tires of repeating that technology will never be more important than people. However, science helps and will be of key importance in the sport of the future.

Is it easy to get the players used to so much technology?
The players don’t notice it that much. They only see ten percent of what we do. The rest if information which we may or may not decide to use.

But then comes the true test.
At the pre-match meeting they have to present a report about their rival. But it is more than the attackers merely describing the rival’s defence system. They have to explain how it works.

Is technology the boss?
I always say that we try to keep up with the times but we do not want to be controlled by technology. The boss is either the doctor, the physical trainer or the coach’s team.

Cruyff said that he always won 5-0 on the blackboard
If I have to sit down and say that football’s like that and that I can do no more, and not use a video, I’m insulting my players’ intelligence and motivation.