Spanish national team’s “Big Brother”

Spanish national team’s “Big Brother”

The secret, dark and effective job: Two Venancio’s assistants record and analyze all the games and after they see it with the team.

Behind of this national team, there is much work that it doesn’t see. One of those tools is the particular Big Brother that Venancio has. The main coach has two persons who charge to record and mince all the games to present to the players the opponent’s videos.

Cesar Arcones, assistant of Jesús Velasco in Caja Segovia team, and Alberto Rodríguez, are the attendants of that job, and their great allied is the Nacsport software, used too in other sports as the field hockey, basketball or football. Teams like Villareal, Deportivo, Celta o Betis are using it.

The work with this software it’s composed by three parts: register the data, work and edit it and present it to the players. The first one it’s done in real time. In real time, the game is recorded and all the possible actions are registered.”A normal game could have between 250 and 300 registers, but the Spanish team’s register, which has an individualized following of each player, could has until 500”, remarks.

All that information is what Venancio uses to prepare the videos that he shows to the players in what doesn’t appear more than 10 or 12 situations. “We want that the players receive just the precise information. Concise information to don’t bore them.

Between José Venancio, Alberto and César have five hard disk, with around five terabytes capacity, where they safe all the data, thousand of actions from all the games in this European Championship and previous games of the Spain opponents. “To prepare a game, we analyze around the opponent’s four or five games, what means around 1.000 or 1.5000 totally actions.

Source: Marca (30.01.10)

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