The secret of Valencia CF

The secret of Valencia CF

The daily “Que!es” reveals the secret of Valencia C.F.: A system that analyzes the game in real time.
Valencia C.F. is a leading next generation. Juanjo Vila send to Emery from the stands all the information about his team and the opponent inmediately."We control everything".

The Valencia C.F. not only leads the league, also in technology. Juanjo Vila, assistant Emery, is able to reveal all the secrets of a match instantly to the coach. "In less than 20 seconds -the time it takes to record, edit and send the image- Emery receive any information about our opponents and our team. The information comes off the computer bench via Wi-Fi" he told. Juanjo Vila, a pioneer in the league uses the direct analysis system more modern, “Nacsport”. "This technology comes from the steps of the NFL and hockey. Without doubt, from above you see the football better. I have been fifteen years of coaching and from grass only see legs. The stand gives a different perspective", he explains. The result is excellent.

What is the direct analysis system?
"We have a camera to record everything in HD (High Definition) and, unlike the point of view offer by televisions, this system includes views 'goal on goal', to capture the basic tactical movements and strategic positions", said Juanjo Vila.

Some coaches are contrary to use technology but not for Unai Emery. “He’s a coach who absorb all knowledge that helps. Of course, always very meticulous and methodical work", said to “Que!es” Juanjo Vila. This function not only adheres to the games. "We also record some training to enhance the work of the players", he says.

The only "virus" to the system is the perspective. "We have never encountered any problems to send the images to the bench. Sometimes we come across the difficulties of location in the stands, but from end to end football is like". Juanjo Vila said that they didn’t have problems in the Champions League. "They give all facilities to develop our work. In the LFP also help all the teams", he ends.

"This is a tool to help the coaches. The more eyes to see a match, the more chances we have".

"I do not think that my arrival has a relationship with the leadership of Valencia C.F.". The new star “Ché” Juanjo Vila, after fifteen years on the bench, has become a star in Valencia C.F.. Coincidence or not, with him the “Ché" Team is leader. "Many people tell me that my arrival had something to do, but I think it relates", he says.

Terry Venables was already doing. "This technology is pioneering, but it is something new in the football. Terry Venables - ex English player and coach - as he climbed into the stands. The LFP is trying now to implement new software, but Valencia C.F. is ahead", he explains.

Source: Qué!es (October 06, 2010)

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