The CTO Amsterdam experience

The CTO Amsterdam experience

Nacsport is for us the program to analyze all the available videos and to prepare them for maximum accompaniment for the individuals inside the team concept.

The last two years Nacsport became the ‘tool’ for the CTO Amsterdam Women basketball to optimum accompany our talents. After each match the players receive, within one day, all the images from themselves, the team and the played tactics to look good at their own performance. Besides we also use it to analyze and scout our opponents on all areas for our sport.

Nacsport is also been used very intensive for the coaching staff to get the maximum result by the learning, improving and to automate fundamental movements. An absolute appreciation and in the meanwhile indispensable within our full time basketball program.

The largest freedom is the user-friendliness and the online support. Within a couple of hours new users can work with the software from Nacsport. For our ‘talent around talent’ system it is in this way very easy to let trainees work with Nacsport. Besides, the personal involvement from the Nacsport employees and their will to look forward and improve the software with new tools all the time, is an extra stimulant to work together and to require the maximum from the program. The online support, ’remote support’, is very good and usefull.

During my involvement by the promotion from the National women U18 team at the European Cup in Romania last year, Nacsport was a fundamental tool in the way to the eventual success. We will use it intensive again this summer for all our National women teams who are active at the highest level in Europe.

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