Dutch football coach seduced by Nacsport V2

Dutch football coach seduced by Nacsport V2

Excellent reception for Nacsport 2.0 in our community. It's been two weeks since it was released and new users are joining us. For instance, Dutch football coach Bjorn van de Groes (AWC Wijchen), who decided to purchase a licence combination after having received a Nacsport's update 2.0 training.

Bjorn is head coach for a youth Dutch team called AWC Wijchen and he will be using a combination of Basic Plus and Tag&go licences to carry out videoanalysis workflows. Recently, he was presented Nacsport's new features included in version 2.0 and he decided to purchase the software.

We are really happy to confirm that hard work behind the update is reaping results with new satisfied customers. We would like to thank AWC Wijchen for their trust on us. Also, congratulate CaJa Sport for their continued promotion work of Nacsport in their country and encourage them to keep going like this!
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