Sevilla FC's Video Analysis Workflows

Sevilla FC's Video Analysis Workflows

UEFA Europa League champions Sevilla FC
have not succeeded just as a result of chance. Behind the trophies and wins, there is hard work being carried out by head coach Unai Emery and the managers of the club. In both cases, video analysis has played a capital role and, in both cases, Nacsport has been the software chosen to carry out that analysis.

Success is obviously the result of many people involved in the Sevilla club, both coaching staff and managing directors, but to understand the role of Nacsport in this network we have to understand the work carried out by Jesus Olivera.

He has two roles to perform: provide the coaching staff with reports from the first team's opponents and to also scout new talents and future players.

A Thorough Method

Olivera is travelling around Spain to watch the games of Sevilla's next opponents to carry out an initial analysis. As a general rule, every side is scouted in person twice. If the rival team is visiting Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium -Sevilla's home-, that side will be scouted on their last two away games.

Every game is recorded with their own camera and a wide shot. By doing so, the coaching staff can observe all the movements rather than those selected by the TV broadcasters. They also avoid potential loss of information caused by replays.

This footage will then be supplemented at a later stage with the TV broadcast to have a higher level of detail. With Nacsport's secondary video angle, users can choose their own recording angle or the TV broadcast angle when they need general or specific footage.

This week, Olivera is working on a presentation which will be shown to Victor MaƱas, Unai Emery's performance analyst, who will add that analysis to his own, which has been carried out from another 10 games. As a result, there will be a second filter which will be given to the head coach.

Finally, Unai Emery will study this second filter to create a final presentation to show to his players in a video session.

The goalkeeper coach will benefit from Olivera's original work as well. There's a specific part in the first analysis aimed to compile information to detect patterns of rival players, so the keeper's can learn more in order to make better decisions.

Future Stars Are Filtered As Well

There's a second part in Olivera's work, but this depends on the manager's duties. When he is abroad, he can be also ordered to record games to scout players who can be potentially interesting to the club.

Also, when Sevilla FC is wanting to sign a new player, he is responsible for preparing a presentation to managers with the highlights from as many games as possible for that player. The filtering is carried out by the same club members and not clips provided by external sources.

These are two of the most important parts to understand the success of Sevilla FC. Among many other recent achievements, the Spanish side has become champions of the UEFA Europa League in the last two competitions, and they are also famous for having a great level of accuracy when signing new players in the last 10-15 years.

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