Deeper and more effective analysis with update 2.5.0

Deeper and more effective analysis with update 2.5.0

Update 2.5.0 adds 17 new features and tools to Nacsport’s suite of products, aimed to achieve deeper and more effective analysis workflows.

Just two months after the release of updates 2.4.1 and 2.4.5, we are bringing a third update for 2017. It’s the best proof of our commitment to keep improving our software to provide our customers better solutions every day.

From BASIC onwards:

• Decimals allowed in a button's PRE/POST time
• Select multiple categories at once
• Change colour of multiple categories at once
• Remove a category and all registers at once with “CTRL+DEL" keystroke
• Open Drawing Tool with "D" key
• Quick export of videos with original format
• Move and order multiple categories at once

From BASIC PLUS onwards:

• Create a category with opposite registers

From SCOUT PLUS onwards:

• Create a new category by merging selected registers from multiple categories
• Select registers from multiple categories and copy them into an existing one
• Preference to add registers into a presentation with each single angle or one mosaic view when pressing 3
• Create an independent folder containing video and analysis from a SportsCode import

From PRO PLUS onwards:

• Remove all descriptors at once from selected categories
Remove unused footage

From ELITE onwards:

• Duplicate Panel Flow
Open template in the Timeline to add more to your analysis
Register data wirelessly in real time from Tag&go


From BASIC onwards:

• Multiple button copy/paste
• POST time when copying a button

From SCOUT PLUS onwards:

• Auto-link angles when moving from original path
• Drawing when preview was full screen in presentation
• Numpad available to change angles
* Users must have a current Nacsport Technical Support and Update Service contract to receive the update.


Basic | Basic Plus | Scout Plus | Pro Plus | Elite | Viewer


To download and install the update you only have to follow these instructions:

• If you have enabled automatic updates, when you start the program and are connected to the internet, the message "Update available" will automatically appear.
- Click on the "Download" button to start the process

• If you don't have automatic updates enabled.
- Click on the "Help" button in the main menu
- Click on the "Check for updates" button in the main menu
- Click the "Download" button in the new window that appears

If you are facing any problems during the installation process or after updating, please contact us by just mailing .
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