Panel Flows for templates: evolution in registering workflows

Panel Flows for templates: evolution in registering workflows

Our update 2.4.5 became a milestone in the way data gets registered in Nacsport video analysis software, with the release of Panel Flows for templates. It is an exclusive evolution to facilitate the registering processes to all our performance analysts, that is not available in any other analysis software at this moment.
The Panel Flows for templates help users to optimise their registering environment and assure the chain of notation during this stage of the analysis process. With this tool, you will be able to reorganise huge templates overloaded with buttons into separate panels, which are shown as a sequence depending on your clicks. Users will save space in the screen and registering will be much simpler.

Another benefit of using this feature will be the ability to keep a specific order when taking data. By using the Panel Flows we guarantee a structured sequence of registered data. This is especially important when we are part of analysis teams that need this order. It is not the same to register...

“Action X + Right wing + Player + Good”... “Action X + Good + Right wing + Player”

This new feature is available in Nacsport Pro Plus and Elite, and also in the app Tag&go. Userscan create as many panels as needed (in Pro Plus the limit is three) and divide buttons into groups too. The order of Panels will depend on the analyst and how they usually register actions.


In the following example, we will show a simple example for football analysis. In the first Panel (Home), users register the following items: type of action (attacking one), kind of pressure (high pressure) and the outcome (finishes with shot). The third button shows the following Panel in the sequence (Panel 1), showing the outcome (Shot) and the shooting team (Own). Panel 2 shows the consequence of that “Own Shot” (on goal).

It is logical to consider Panel 3 would be the next one to be shown. Yet, sequences do not need to be consecutive, as we will outline below. “Shot on goal” has caused the Panel 10 to show instead, showing a goal and possible destinations for the shot. Now, Panels 3, 4, 5 & 6 will display adding new data to our register. Panel 6 will finish the action and from there we go back to the Home Panel again.


Buttons in Panel Flows can have three different behaviours. By default, when a button is clicked it will open the next Panel. However, the user can select one of these two alternatives: (1) open a different Panel rather than the next one in the order (2) do nothing and despite the click remain in the same Panel.
*Note: In Pro Plus all clicks will display just the Next Panel.

As you would have seen in the video, in the Home Panel three clicks were made before displaying the following Panel. This is what we call “Tolerance”, which is the maximum amountof clicks that need to be made in a given Panel before displaying the next one automatically. Tolerance will only affect those buttons with the standard behaviour, “Go to Next Panel”.

Buttons can also have activation & deactivation links between them. For tolerance purposes, only “physical” clicks are counted. That is, only one click is counted despite the fact that buttons would have links and all have been registered.


Tag&go update 2.6.0 included the possibility to create Panel Flows for templates on the Nacsport’s iPad & iPhone app. Database stored with Panel Flows from Tag&go can be emailed to any Nacsport video analysis product: Basic (as far as it does not include descriptors and limited to 25 buttons), Basic Plus (limited to 50 buttons) and the rest of the programs within our suite.

If you have any questions about Panel Flows for templates or in case you want some example templates, please contact our Support Team at .
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