What is the #SmartMove and why should you be interested in it?

What is the #SmartMove and why should you be interested in it?

We have used #SmartMove to show the growing trend of teams moving from SportsCode –by Hudl- to start working with Nacsport video analysis software, or at least combining both programs. 
You can find this hashtag in our different social media profiles (but especially on Twitter). Under this tag, you will find stories of current Nacsport users who have made the #SmartMove and the reasons why they did it. Let us show you a couple of examples:


The #SmartMove is really active in the United Kingdom. A couple of months ago we released the Gloucester Rugby news story (Part 1 | Part 2) showing why they moved from SportsCode to Nacsport. Rotherham Titans and Ealing Trailfinders also followed their same way.
Also in the UK we saw the #SmartMove with a complete switch to Nacsport by Bradford Bulls Academy and Redingensians RFC.



Some top European teams have started used Nacsport this season and combine our software with their SportsCode licences: Paris Saint Germain, Liverpool FC and Sevilla FC use both programs for their analysis workflows. Scottish team Hibernian FC also use Nacsport combined with SportsCode.

Spanish teams such as Villarreal CF and Valencia CF have also used both programs. In recent times their analysis teams have decided to use Nacsport. Valencia’s current head coach Marcelino Garcia has been using Nacsport for a long time in different teams within his career.


Dutch HC Alecto explained to us earlier this year why they have made the #SmartMove in a post we released on our blog. Along with HIC, they were the first two hockey teams in Holland to move to Nacsport video analysis solutions.

Alecto Jair

They were not the only ones either: MHC Oss and HockeyclubVoordan have also joined the #SmartMove recently. In South Africa, Glenwood High School have also decided to make the move.


All these teams mentioned above are just a couple of examples of teams that continue to make the #SmartMove. The interest is growing and many organisations are starting to combine both programs with an end goal to remain with Nacsport, like what has been happening in British universities such as Southampton Solent University and Northumbria University for example.

Why move to Nacsport?

Every single user has their own reasons, but we will try to sum up some of the most repeated ones that we consider may be of interest:

Competitive prices. Our products can replicate the same workflows SportsCode currently does (some tools are even easier and quicker) for less money.
Exclusive workflows. With Nacsport, you will able to carry out many unique processes that you are unable to replicate with SportsCode, such as the Clustered buttons and the Panel Flows for templates, along with many others that will optimise your video analysis workflows. Contact us if you want to know all of them!
Lifetime licences. You must pay just once for your licence and it will be yours forever (contact our team at for further info about this). We also offer you different split payment methods to ease the purchase.
Continued development. We have released five major updates so far in 2017, including more than 90 new tools and features within all products in our suite.
Dedicated support service. You are our main priority. All our current users are more than satisfied with our support team,who continue to problem-solve and are dedicated to assisting.

What if I want to combine both?

If despite all we have told you you are not decided to make the whole switch to Nacsport, you can try to combine both solutions just like others currently do.

You will be able to import SportsCode (SCpkg) and Gamebreaker (GBpkg) timelines into Nacsport simply, as shown in this video.
If you need to share in the other direction, you can export Nacsport databases into an XML file which can be opened in SportsCode software.

Will you be the next one?

Contact our sales teams at and request for further info if you are thinking about moving from SportsCode. The #SmartMove is waiting for you!

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