Nacsport 2017: #AlwaysEvolving

Nacsport 2017: #AlwaysEvolving

The year 2017 has been an absolute breakthrough for Nacsport in terms of development. Nine major updates were released during the year, including 75 new functionalities, 54 fixes, 9 downgrades and 3 integrations of other tools into Nacsport.
Update 2.4.1 

This was the first update of the year. Released in March, it allowed users to integrate the KlipDraw Basic drawing tools palette into Nacsport programs.

Update 2.4.5 

Our update 2.4.5 became a milestone in the way data gets registered in Nacsport video analysis software, with the release of Panel Flows for templates. It is an exclusive evolution to facilitate the registering processes to all our performance analysts. This update brought other new tools such as the script for presentation, consolidate presentations and Descriptor Calculator.

Tag&go Update 2.6.0  

Tag&go has evolved so much this year. The update 2.6.0 was the first of three updates released this year. Panel Flows for templates and the activation/deactivation links in the template were the two new tools included in it.

Update 2.5.0

There were almost 20 new tools in this update. The most important one, without any doubt, was the ability to register data wirelessly from Tag&go in real time. Multiple analysts can feed a main computer, thereby obtaining more data in less time. Along with this, we added other features such as open the template to recode your analysis and remove unused footage.

Tag&go Update 2.7.0

This update was released at almost the same time as Nacsport 2.5.0, as it was necessary to adapt the app to register data wirelessly from Tag&go in real time. Alongside this were other developments, like the ability to customise the main menu with the your team logo.

Update 2.6.5 

By the end of July we released update 2.6.5 with only one –but really important- addition to all our programs: KlipDraw Animate integration into Nacsport. Animate is a higher version of KlipDraw Basic, allowing animated graphics and creating sequences.

Update 2.8.0  

Update 2.8.0 included the clustered buttons, another tool to optimise registering workflows. Also, other tools to highlight here were the option to change button names from external file and the variable labels in Dashboards.

Tag&go Update 2.8.0

Six days after Nacsport Update 2.8.0 was released, Tag&go matched the development number with the Tag&go 2.8.0 update. The data matrix review feature in this was the most important tool included.

Update 2.9.0

Update 2.9.0 was the finishing touch to a great year. Most significantly for this update: the integration of Sharimg, an online video sharing platform and the release of Nacsport Remote, a free app to control presentations wirelessly.
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