Discovering the video analysis workflows in Ecuador’s youth football teams

Discovering the video analysis workflows in Ecuador’s youth football teams

Jorge Loaiza Aguilar is the performance analyst in Ecuador’s national youth teams. Following the steps of the senior team head coach, he’s been using Nacsport for the last two years.
“Nacsport provides me with a deep knowledge of my game from different perspectives: statistical, analytical and physical ones”. Loaiza thinks the software “is really friendly, dynamic and easy to use. It’s the perfect tool for individual and team video analysis”.


Let’s dig into the man behind the tool. Absolutely in love with football, a couple of severe injuries hindered any option to become a pro footballer. “That’s the reason why I came to Quito. I wanted to study to be a head coach. So after a couple of practices with Ecuador U17 & U20 teams, I finally got the opportunity to be part of the national youth teams”.

Loaizadiscovered Nacsport with the national team. “The first team I started working with your software was after their assistant coach talked me about Nacsport. I started investigating the features I could do with it, and finally started using it. It is really useful for me”, he explains. “With Nacsport, I am able to communicate with players through specific videos telling them what we need”, he adds.

An important part of the wheel

He is the only performance analyst in the Tri (nickname for the Ecuador national team) youth teams but not the only one who is deciding. “Before digging into the analysis, I always meet the head coach, physical trainer and goalkeepers’ coach. I receive instructions about their needs and my analysis is made according to these”.


This information is not only made available for the youth teams. Coaching staff for the senior team can access it as well. “If they want to learn about any given player, they can work on the material we already have”. However, during tournaments, the workflows are more specific.

Working methodology

A regular week startswith a “statistical analysis of players coming to the national team”. Once they have been reached that stage, they record every single training session to discover physical and tactical insights.

During tournaments, there’s a parallel workload. “We collect data from our opponents and the day before games there’s a main presentation to show their strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to Nacsport, this work is really quick”. Presentations are great to filter clips and get to the point. 

There is also a real time analysis during games. “At half time, we show a bunch of highlights to coaching staff so they can have insights to share with their players to put into practice during second half”. A more exhaustive post-game analysis is also made for the head coach.


Presentations: essential tool

“For me, the presentation is an essential tool when it comes to share my work, as it allows me to filter what’s important and what’s not”, Jorge Loaiza highlights. “Yet, I save all actions in databases so the head coach can watch any other action that needs revision”.

Presentations are made with lists containing between 5 and 15 registers. “We always follow the same structure: offensive plays, defensive plays, deadball actions and individual clips”, he reveals. The presentation is never longer than 20 minutes and “it’s not usual we make individual video sessions with single players as they don’t have much time when in group stages, so we’d rather focus on 2-3 team video sessions”.


Objective conclusions, not merely numbers

Jorge Loaiza has learned so much about Nacsport these two years. He is using almost all the features at his disposal. Dashboards are really a great resource for him. “You could claim they are merely numbers and they may not be important, but, in the end, they do help us”, he concludes.
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