Video analysis to improve performance in badminton

Video analysis to improve performance in badminton

Badminton coaches can benefit of Nacsport video analysis products to improve their players’ skills. This is the lesson we can extract after a training session it was held to members of the Dutch Badminton Coaches Association (VBO) during last Yondex International tournament in Haarlem (Holland).
Last February 9, our resellers for the Dutch and Belgium regions CaJa Sport Software offered a workshop to around 30 badminton coaches from all over the world in the framework of the Yonex Dutch Junior tournament.

This tournament is considered one of the best ones in the Junior International Grand Prix. The 2018 edition has been especially important, with participants from 36 different countries, because teams still need to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires next October.


Flagging key moments with the templates

The templates are really important in Nacsport as only buttons included in them can be registered. So this is really a crucial step when coaches one to start with Nacsport. In the following video you can learn how to start creating templates.

Registering events and moments are made by clicking buttons when events happen, as you have learned in the video before. Your analysis can be made in three different ways: (1) real time register – using a video camera and capture device, (2) register from file – post game analysis at home or office and (3) without video file – when you don’t have video camera, but you will have a file with footage from your game later.


There’s also another way to registers which seems handier when you are in the court: our app Nacsport Tag&go. With Tag&go you don’t have to carry your laptop to register a game with Nacsport, therefore increasing comfort and portability. If you want to learn more about this app, we recommend you to take a look at this blog.

Real example: France vs Thailand

During the tournament, Nacsport carried out a real example of video analysis in badminton which was explained in the workshop later. The match between France and Thailand was recorded simultaneously and registered in two different ways: with Nacsport Tag&go from the court stands and Nacsport video analysis in a computer.
These were the templates used for this analysis:


Our teammates from CaJa Sport showed the coaches how to import Tag&go data into the Nacsport software as well as many other features to discover hidden insights and make the most out of the video analysis workflows.

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