Update 3.6.0 released with Coach Station as big innovation

Update 3.6.0 released with Coach Station as big innovation

Nacsport’s update 3.6.0 is now available with 23 new features and 14 fixes. The two most interesting innovations within this update are: Coach Station –a new product in our suite- and the capability to import CSV files.
Coach Station is a new product, working as a plugin for a normal Nacsport licence. It will temporarily turn your current licence into a real-time data receiver. You will be able to receive information sent from an Elite licence (video and registers) or Pro Plus (just video).

The CSV import increases Nacsport’s synergetic processes with other video analysis solutions. There are several programs working with this format, but the most well-known one is Dartfish.

Here is the complete list of new features and fixes included in version 3.6.0:


From Basic:
• Change multiple buttons' names at once
• Save & load windows layout during registering
• Rescale windows for creating items in dashboards
• Multiple selections of items in dashboards
• Search for several words in "My Analysis"
• Change NAC SPORT DATA default path
• Import Tag&view analysis via WiFi
• Integration of Coach Station

From Basic Plus:
• Blinking icon to detect manual buttons with different shapes
• Autoload play by play window
• Import CSV files (Dartfish, EasyTag, Synergy, Opta…)

From Scout Plus:
• Remove angles in registers with right click in presentation
• Relink missing angles in a register in presentation
• Dashboard of a presentation
• Add a register to a different list from edition properties window
• Dashboard backups

From Pro Plus:
• Load all Panel Flows
• Create matrix from all the selected lists in presentation
• Import XML files from FIBA Stats

In Elite:
• Save Descriptor Calculator presets
• Notes and descriptors searcher in presentation
• Create labels from Descriptor Calculator presets
• Push the video refresh with icon or shortcut (+)


From Basic:
• Correction options when a drawing is out of a register
• Allow overwriting on the exporting XLS files
• Merge KlipDraw Animate drawings with non-animated drawings in the same register
• Preview info in all folder levels

From Basic Plus:
• Convert imported characters from XML to UTF-8
• CSV export with time format
From Scout Plus:
• Search notes allow quick typing while still searching
• Totally visible note
• Show all angles even if order changed

From Pro Plus:
• Improve loading time of Panel Flows
• New links are all visible
• Insert registers with all angles in a presentation from notes searcher
• Edit register name and notes with a click
• Mosaic view from registers grouped manually show correct moments

In Elite:
• Mailing of technical issues


To download and install the update you only have to follow these instructions:

• If you have enabled automatic updates, when you start Nacsport and are connected to the internet, the message "Update available" will automatically appear.
- Click on the "Download" button to start the process

• If you don't have automatic updates enabled.
- Click on the "Help" button in the main menu
- Click on the "Check for updates" button in the main menu
- Click the "Download" button in the new window that appears

If you are facing any problems during the installation process or after updating, please contact us by mailing .

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