Nacsport ready for another thrilling season at La Liga

Nacsport ready for another thrilling season at La Liga

We are proud to be one of the most used video analysis software –if not the most- in the best football league in the world, kicking off this Friday. For many seasons, Nacsport has been providing performance analysis solutions to a great number of teams in the Spanish highest category and their Academies.
Atlético de Madrid
Liga runner up Atletico de Madrid –recently crowned as Europe’s Supercup champs- will be using Nacsport for the third year in a row. Not only the first team but also the senior women’s team and Academy sides. Some months ago, we posted a blog explaining how they use Nacsport within their Analysis Department.

Valencia CF
With Marcelino as the new boss, Valencia CF flew high again. After an excellent season with a fourth place, the Valencia team will play Champions League again. Nacsport has been in that club for many years –since Unai Emery was their head coach- but with Marcelino, our software played a key role in analytics.

Villarreal CF
Villarreal have been using Nacsport for many years now. In fact, they have recently renewed their Elite licences for another year, which means they will be working with Nacsport again this season. Both the assistant coach and their 3 performance analysts, together with their first Academy team, are using the five licences the club owns.


Real Betis
Another great surprise in La Liga last season was Real Betis. They conquered a place in this year’s Europa League with an attractive playing style. This season they will again be using Nacsport for their own analysis –live capture and analysis- and opposition. The software is also used in their Academy.


Sevilla FC
They are probably the first team that used Nacsport in La Liga many seasons ago. Our video analysis solutions have been an active part of the creation and development of their Area of Analysis, a department which is responsible to analyse the performance of all their Academy teams. The first team will be using Nacsport in both domestic league and Europa League.

Real Sociedad
Real Sociedad started to use Nacsport three seasons ago and their successive coaching staff have kept using it no matter who was the head coach. AsierGaritano is the new boss this season and they have confirmed they will be using the software for another term.


Athletic de Bilbao
The Bilbao side is another one ofNacsport’s long-term users. They started using the software for scouting purposes, but they progressively expanded their package to the first team, ladies’ team and Academy teams. They are trying to standardise the performance analysis processes within the whole organisation and Nacsport is the vehicle to do it.


Rayo Vallecano
After one long summer with multiple tests and trainings, they have finally decided to start using Nacsport a couple of days before the start of the championship in their return to the Spanish top flight.

Real Valladolid
Real Valladolid started using Nacsport last year after their new performance analyst Daniel del Valle –who met our solutions at Sevilla FC- recommended their purchase. After a tough year, they got promoted to Spanish Liga Santander. They’ve expanded their package to face the challenges of the top league.

RCD Espanyol & Levante UD Academies
Apart from the teams mentioned above, there are two clubs using Nacsport in their Academy teams but not in the first ones, as this depends on each coach. RCD Espanyol has been using Nacsport for many years. Levante UD are using the software for the first season.

Spanish second and third category
Nacsport is not only elite performance analysis software. Teams playing in the second and third Spanish categories will be using our software as well. In Liga 123 –second highest category- there will be dozens of teams (out of the 20 teams) using Nacsport.

The Spanish third category combines pro teams with semi-pro teams, so not all of them have performance analysts or assistant coaches carrying out video analysis workflows. Yet, more than 20% of the teams will be using our software in their teams.
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