Nacsport in Montreal Impact Academy to improve player's performance

Nacsport in Montreal Impact Academy to improve player's performance

Montreal Impact is one of the most prominent teams in the MLS in recent years. Maxime Chalier, Montreal Academy Video Analyst, is using Nacsport to enhance their team’s performance.

Montreal Impact Academy has 20 players for each of every team with categories from U8 to U19 (9 teams in total). The sports structure includes around 180 young players who use the colors of the Montreal Impact with four teams from the Academy (U18, U16, U14, and U13) and five Pre-Academy teams (U8 to U12).

This sports structure has an analysis department to improve the development of players and teams, define strategies and prepare matches. However, there are key factors to move into the decision of providing their Academy with analysis software. Maxime Chalier adds: "As an Academy, one important thing is trying to find the best tools at a reasonable price. Therefore, Nacsport is the perfect opportunity to invest in video analysis for the long term, because we paid for the product and we own it ".

Nacsport workflows and how practical is to working with the software is another reason for taking this decision, on Maxime words: “Working with Nacsport is very simple to analyze matches, like creating a presentation or using dashboards to turn my work into visual stats like charts or pies. We also appreciate Nacsport support service, we never have to wait a long time for an answer to our emails.”

Montreal Impact Academy also improves player’s performance with the telestration software, KlipDraw: “We complete analysis with animated draws in order to extract better conclusions about player and team behavior, so KlipDraw is very useful for us”.

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