The evolution of smarter analytics

We’ve just released our latest update - Nacsport 4.1.0.

In this post we want to highlight some of the awesome new features included in our first big update of 2019. 
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Nacsport 4.1.0 is all about reinforcing the link between analysts and the bench. So first we added new ways to quickly visualise data, recognise trends within a game and spot recurring actions or opportunities.

Then we looked at speeding-up communications between Nacsport using teams, enabling analysts to share potentially match-changing data with coaching staff in real time.

Supplying this demand is what we’ve focused on,

New features

1. Dual capture

Deliver 2 feeds to any computer, using a GPU graphics card from suppliers like NVIDIA or INTEL.

Until now, capturing more than a single feed required expensive additional hardware. Nacsport 4.1.0 allows the use of external capture devices - such as Avermedia or IP feeds (IP cameras) at no extra cost.

Both videos are saved independently and each is automatically synced with your analysis.

Customizable visualisation during capture includes real-time playback for both angles and 3 viewing modes:
- Single angle (1 or 2)
- Multi-angle (Mosaic view)
- Picture in picture (Switch between feeds and adjust the position of second view)

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Dual capture facility offers a number of options to combine different angles, including;
My camera operator feed + TV feed
My camera operator feed + Static IP Camera
Wide camera view + Close camera view

2. Data patterns

Data patterns are sequences of actions that occur repeatedly within a game. They reveal important information about the behaviour of a team, their structure and tactics.

This new feature has been designed to recognise and present important data, rather than require users to search for it.

Data patterns cut through the noise, filter out irrelevant information and present clearly defined sequences of play according to criteria established by the analyst.

With data patterns the more information used to describe a pattern the greater the depth of results revealed. The Data Patterns feature is designed to be compatible with 3rd party data providers such as Opta, Instat, WyScout.

Filtering depends on the user and is based on the conditional parameters created to define an action, including;
Number of repetitions
Length or depth of an information chain (the number of descriptors)
The order in which descriptors occur within a chain
Actions within a category

Saving patterns as either relevant or irrelevant will teach the system what information is important to users. Set a name for saved patterns and add as descriptors to future analysis.

Likewise, you can hide irrelevant patterns from registering, further reducing clutter and data that offers little or no value.

3. Rounded buttons

To make tagging easier and add visual diversity to templates.

4. Add contextual data

Add or edit notes and observations using the Graphic Panels window, during your analysis or after recording.

5. Video capture using GPU

Higher performance, on lower spec machines.

Nacsport now detects installed graphics cards, automatically selects the best configuration for you machine. This means computers with lower resources can now capture a game and perform other analytical tasks simultaneously, without overloading your system or losing frames.

6. Easy control and management of IP addresses in your network

7. Responsive button templates

Until now sharing button templates across different sized screens has required a degree of manual adjustment. In our latest update we’ve made it easy to optimize templates to suit any sized screen.

Maximise or adjust button sizes to fit neatly within your available video screen space or, if you use two monitors, arrange your buttons on their own screen.

For touch screen devices, templates can be adjusted to suit your analytical workflow, while new templates are auto-saved and easily exported to Nacsport Tag&view.

8. Adjust the registers within a period of time

- Move the registers included in a certain time interval.

9. Display total time for any selected Category

10. Enable & disable continue playback for a row

11. Zoom in / out using the CTRL key + mouse wheel

12. Scroll through rows by highlighting a line and rolling the mouse wheel

13. Overlay video on comparison registers
- Overlay both videos when comparing two registers or a register against external video.
- The level of transparency is set at 50% and cannot be modified.

14. Merge every open analysis into one single database using the ALT + "M" keys
- Automatically creates and saves a combined version of every open analysis as a new single analysis file in the same folder as the original and shows in the timeline tabs of analysis.

15. Create a copy of your analysis using the CTRL + "S" keys
- Automatically save to the same folder as the original analysis by adding the word "combined" in the name.

16. Order your results by name, using the Notes or Descriptors search feature.

17. Resize result windows of Notes or Descriptors search feature

18. Category frequency chart

A new and innovative way to view the Nacsport timeline - and visualise how often an action is taking place - within a customizable period of time, or throughout a game.

Select multiple actions to overlap with categories, to reveal the interactions and connection between each; for example Player / Possession.
Easily view all the registers involved in a period of time and present the data in two ways - as an area chart or line graph - either of which can be downloaded as a .jpg file for inclusion in future reports.

19. Button lock

Lock down dimensions and position to avoid accidental modification.

20. Reset the order according to your button template
- Select a template consistent with the analysis shown in the matrix

21. Slow motion feature using the ‘S’ key.
Pressing the ‘S’ key on your keyboard will reduce play speed by 40%.

22. Right-click to copy and paste a full list

23. Tabs to manage multiple presentations simultaneously
If many tabs open, the horizontal scroll buttons are not visible because they are black, just like the background

24. Double click on a tab to open the presentation folder

25. Make a copy of your presentation using the ALT + "S" keys

26. Merge open presentations into a single presentation using the ALT + ‘M’ keys
- Puts registers in a list with the same name into a single list in combined presentation.

27. Create a new presentation using the CTRL + TAB "+" keys

28. Produce videos using your GPU
By transferring part of the video production process to a computer’s GPU (graphics processing unit) rather than relying on its central processing unit (CPU) we’ve slashed the amount of memory and time required to produce clips.

Unlike most comparable analytical tools, that now makes it possible to create and produce clips from your timeline or presentation, without pausing your other work, even if you’re using Nacsport.

29. Overlay descriptor names on video exports

30. Radar charts
- Define at least 3 categories or descriptors then display them as intuitive radar chart, which can be exported as a standalone graphic or combined into your presentations.

31. Move dashboard items using your keyboard arrow keys

32. Responsive dashboard content

Easily share your dashboard between devices without having to adjust the size or layout of your original content.

Reduce dashboard size to optimize video screen space or increase it to better fill the available screen. Adjustment is quick and easy - there’s no need to rebuild your dashboard.

Applications include:
  • Sharing dashboards between different devices.
  • Using one full monitor screen for video playback and a second to display a dashboard.
  • Using multiple computers with differing screen resolutions
  • Touch screen devices
33. Context data labels
- Allows you to add or edit information
- Name individual tags to more easily identify results

34. Twitter integration and publishing custom tweets
Link your Nacsport dashboard to an active Twitter account and publish custom messages to your fans and followers with the click of a button.

Preset as many messages as you want, or create them on the fly, then simply click when you want to tweet. An unobtrusive popup displays your message ahead of sending. There’s even an option to Tweet your entire dashboard if your audience is technically minded.

We’ve incorporated Twitter into Nacsport to provide smaller clubs with a means of engaging with their fans and opening up new revenue streams.

nac 410 blog twitter

Matchday endorsement and goal sponsorship are just two of the commercial opportunities open to users, while Twitter integration also allows smaller teams to combine the role of analyst with social media commentator.

Twitter integration is dependent on linking an active account with Nacsport, using an API. We have no control over the content you send or receive.

35. Custom XML import for multiple files simultaneously

Designed to compliment our new pattern recognition tool, Custom XML import facilitates the easy importation of numerous files into a single analysis, at the same time.

*Only numeric descriptors can be used, no letters or words.


  • "Enter" key not creating new categories for Korean, Japanese and Chinese users
  • Time code using milliseconds
  • Show the selected row as the first row using "Q" and "A"
  • Colour filter now works with all colors
  • Longer category names now show correct value
  • When no presentation open select or create one to add a register using key "3"
  • Save any sized single chart as JPG file
  • Right vertical order in English language
  • Edit selected color of lines in linear charts
  • Load improvement for big calculations
  • Interface translated into Spanish
  • Import XML with missing information in a row
  • Import XML without overwriting an existing analysis
  • Bigger space in the grid when time has more than 4 characters
  • UTF-8 code integration for non-unicode text (Korean, Japanese and Chinese)

Download instructions

* Users must have a current Nacsport Technical Support and Update Service contract to receive the update.

To download and install the update you only have to follow these instructions:

If you have enabled automatic updates, when you start Nacsport and are connected to the internet, the message "Update available" will automatically appear.
- Click on the "Download" button to start the process

If you don't have automatic updates enabled.
- Click on the "Help" button in the main menu
- Click on the "Check for updates" button in the main menu
- Click the "Download" button in the new window that appears

If you are facing any problems during the installation process or after updating, please contact us by emailing .

And if you’re not already using Nacsport - and you like what you’ve read - why not give us a try?

We offer a FREE 30 day trial of all our products and we’d love you to take one for a ‘test drive’. Click here to find out more.
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