Analyst Spotlight - Rubén Berrogui Baigorri

In the second of our frank and open interviews, with Nacsport users pushing our software in new directions, we speak with another of Spain's emerging generation of analysts taking the discipline to new heights.

In this edition CA Osasuna's innovative First Team Analyst, Rubén Berrogui Baigorri, discusses his route into analytics and how his work with the first team has gradually filtered through to every area of the club.        
CA Osasuna Analista Ruben Berrogui Baigorri

Analyst Spotlight - Alex Sosa Ortega

Ever wanted to know how sport’s top analysts use tools like Nacsport to improve team performance and get more from their players?

In the first of what we hope will be an ongoing series of revealing interviews, we speak with Alex Sosa, First Team Analyst at Real Zaragoza, about how his skills have shaped his career and what he sees as the future of the analytics in soccer...

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Harlequins across the ocean. The US rugby team flying the flag of its British cousin

Competing in the heart of DFW since 1971, the Dallas Harlequins are an officially recognised international affiliate of British club, the London Harlequins.

In this post we grab 10 minutes with Carlton Danny, Attack Coach and Performance Analyst for the 'Quins and discuss his team's use of video analysis.

Powerful sports performance analysis at your fingertips - whatever your sport

The updates, improvements and innovation we’ve introduced over the last 12 months mean it’s never been easier to observe, record and analyze data to improve sporting performance. In this post we offer a brief overview of the key points in each of the last 3 Nacsport updates and bring you up to speed on what to expect from our software.

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