Guide to start video capture & register in real time with Nacsport

Guide to start video capture & register in real time with Nacsport

All Nacsport programs allow video capture and register in real time with Nacsport. That is, you can register actions (clicks on your button templates) during the game or any other event you want to analyse live whilst you are taking footage from your video camera to the computer.
What do you need?

1. Computer and Nacsport licence

Seems obvious, but you will need a computer with a Nacsport licence installed.

In our website, you can check the minimum and recommended requirements your computer should meet to install Nacsport. Regarding the licence, as stated before, you can use any of our five different video analysis solutions.

2. Video camera

You will also need a video camera with an HDMI output. Today, most of the video cameras have this output but you must confirm this first.

We also recommend you to confirm the camera allows to record in both the memory card and the HDMI output at the same time. Record at the same time is not essential when capturing video with Nacsport, but also advisable.

3. Video capture device

At last, you must get a video capture device. This is the device which allows sending footage from your video camera to your computer and it connects both devices.
We especially recommend you AverMedia device capturers we have selected for you on our website, but you can also use the BlackMagic H.264 Pro Recorder.

How to start?

You must connect the video camera to the capture device and the capture device to the computer. In the following video, we will explain how this process can be done with one of the compatible AverMedia devices, but it is valid for any of them.

*NOTE: The driver of the capture device must be previously installed on your computer.

In case you have more questions, this PDF file will show you main features in the AverMedia models, as well as instructions to connect these two devices and frequently asked questions it may arise.

You can also contact our team at if you keep having questions.
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