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Integrated High-Impact Analysis for Everyone

Whether sharing live video and data to change the course of a game, or providing post-match insights to players and coaches, Hub provides an online solution which connects everyone at your club from anywhere in the world via any device.

Integrated High-Impact Analysis for Everyone

Share and Share Alike

Share uploaded work with coaches and players quickly and easily with Hub. Put your valuable insights into the hands of the people who need them most.

Nacsport Hub: Your Online Platform For Communication and Video Analysis

Nacsport Hub Quick Start Guide

Online Tagging and Analysis

Create your own personalised tagging window and take your analysis work into the cloud. Tag your video, analyse clips, create presentations and share insights directly with the team.

Nacsport Hub 1.5: Online Tagging and Analysis Has Arrived

Hub Live - A Complete Gamechanger

No router, no antenna, just an internet connection. Upload video and data from Nacsport to Hub Live where it can be accessed instantly by the bench through any device. Make a difference, live and direct.


Getting Started with Hub Live

Hub Live Video Tutorial

Connect the Whole Team

The Team Channel is the perfect meeting place for analysts, coaches and players. Spark conversations, discussion and get everyone actively participating in the process.

How Does The Team Channel Work?


Teach, Learn,

Harness the power of Hub’s Team Channel to accelerate collaborative learning. Enhance critical thinking and enable self-reflection to improve team performance.

Keep Track of Player and Team Performance

Monitor the ups and downs of a season through Hub’s Team Tracking Area. Get a quick, intuitive view of performance over any given time frame.

Head to Toe Communication
for Your Club

Provide every team, from juniors to seniors, with a private, secure space for their individual needs. Give everyone equal access to the info they need.

Promote Collaboration Between Clubs and Associations

Create an atmosphere of sharing throughout your competition or league. Share game video and data between clubs publicly and privately so everyone benefits from video analysis.

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Get Unique Game Perspectives

Give players and coaches the power to create their own video clips of the game and share them with the team. See new perspectives and open productive discussions.

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