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Clearer Messages for Clearer Communication

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*KlipDraw Motion only currently available for Windows

Nacsport and KlipDraw Animate:
The Perfect Combination

Add animated sequential drawings to your video presentations and improve communication with players and colleagues…

Nacsport and KlipDraw Animate:<br />The Perfect Combination

Fully Integrated with Nacsport

Every Nacsport annual license and lifetime licenses with a current Support and Update Service subscription has KlipDraw Animate included as standard.

One-Step Activation and Deactivation

With KlipDraw Animate integrated into Nacsport, changing computers or migrating to other operating systems has never been easier.

A Full Palette of Drawing Tools

Spotlights, arrows, movement lines, text boxes, surface areas, zooms and more. A palette of tools designed specifically for sports analysis.

Unlimited Sequenced Animated Drawings

Control when your drawings appear on the frame with our intuitive timeline system. Give every moment of the game the importance it deserves.

Export and Share Presentations with Drawings Included

Export your presentations from Nacsport with notes and illustrations by KlipDraw included. Join the Nacsport ecosystem and share them with Hub.

Make Big Savings

Save big on a Nacsport package with KlipDraw Animate integrated. Powerful video analysis tools and eye-catching illustrations together in the same place at a fraction of the price.

"The beauty of using KlipDraw in our presentations at Liverpool is that the static illustrations we create act like bullet points in our analysis videos. The illustrations allow us to take a breath and focus on the most important aspects of the game."

Greg Mathieson, Head of Opposition Analysis, Liverpool FC

Greg Mathieson

Greg Mathieson, Head of Opposition Analysis, Liverpool FC

Klipdraw Motion Klipdraw Motion

See World in Motion

Ready to Leap into Motion?

Add automatic tracking to moving clips for even clearer messaging with KlipDraw Motion

Supported on Windows

Try KlipDraw Motion FREE for 30-Days

Supported on Windows

Start your free trial directly from Nacsport. Simply open KlipDraw from the presentations environment, click the upgrade option and follow the instructions. Enjoy full motion tracking FREE for 30-days.

Ready to Leap into Motion?

Enter your Nacsport license to see the cost of upgrading to Motion until the end of your current annual subscription or SUS period.

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