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The upper-stratosphere of elite sports analysis. Perfect for those about to blast off...

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High-End Tools for Top-Level Teams

Optimized Data Collection

Clustered buttons and up to three sequenced panel flow templates for quick and easy data collection.

Clustered Buttons

Optimized Data Collection
Unlimited Video Analysis

Unlimited Video Analysis

Take your analysis as far as you can, you decide the limits. Work with as many videos, games and databases as you need. 

Tagging Windows: The Definitive Guide

Create Automatic Video Presentations

Get the maximum performance with Nacsport's auto-lists and auto-presentations features. Shave literal hours from your established workflows.

Auto-lists and Auto-Presentations

Create Automatic Video Presentations
Review Live Footage Whenever You Want

Review Live Footage Whenever You Want

Take control of time. Look back at any moment of your analysis without stopping video capture. Edit collected data on the fly.

Review and Edit Analysis on the Fly

Search and Find with Ease

 Advanced filtering tools for finding specific clips quickly. Custom matrixes and sub-matrixes for searching unlimited analyses.

Custom Matrixes



Search and Find with Ease

Analyze Three Games Simultaneously

Work with data from up to three different games at the same time on dashboards and the clip filter tool.

Analyze Three Games Simultaneously

Share Work Quickly and Easily

Generate Quick Share links to share tagging windows, analyses and presentations with colleagues. You can even share between different operating systems.

See how they work

Keep in Contact with the Bench

Send videos directly from the stands to the bench with Nacsport Coach Station. Give coaches the information they want when they need it.

Nacsport Coach Station

Create a Closed Analysis Ecosystem with Nacsport Hub

Online Video Analysis and Communication for Clubs and Organisations

Connect the offline and online worlds with Hub, not just the ideal place to store and share your video analysis work, but also the best place to connect the entire club through the Team Channel. Work, learn and grow together.

Nacsport Hub Quick Start Guide

How Does The Team Channel Work?

Promote Participation and Autonomous Growth

Designed to favor the interaction of all the members of a team: it generates conversations, facilitates collaborative learning and enhances critical thinking.Tools that result in the collective benefit.

Track the Long-Term Performance of Players, Teams and More

Monitor the performance of players, groups or the entire teams automatically over a given period of time. Share information publicly or privately with other teams as part of a club’s commitment to a competition. Everyone benefits from video analysis.

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“Nacsport helps us see the day-to-day details that sometimes pass us by”

Ángel Sánchez-Cañete

Assistant Coach, Spanish Basketball Squad

Pro vs Elite

Hit the very top with our flagship product for elite analysts

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Improve Your Performance


Collect game data and video with your iPhone or iPad and sync it with your computer.

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Add tracking and animated drawings to enrich your videos.

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Read-only app for players to review the work of the analyst.

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