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High-end processes for professional analysts

Full range of professional tools aimed at elite teams with a lower budget. 

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Analysis under control

Everything is under your control. Panel Flows for templates (a maximum of 3 panels) to optimise registering and assure the chain of notation while collecting data. Users will save space in the screen and the registering will be much simpler. 

Big volumes of detailed data

Higher amounts of data open higher chances to succeed.Work with as many videos as necessary with Pro Plus. Use them at the same time in the presentation or in the multiple matrix. Also, you can get deeper insights with the dynamic matrix -based on time periods- or submatrix. Allthis data can be exportedto Excel. 

excelent choice for professional users
Timeline and playback nacsport Pro Plus
work with a lot of devices work with a lot of devices work with a lot of devices

Analyse without video source

Collecting data has never been easier. It does not matter if you have a video camera connected (*) or not during real time observation. You can register your clips without the video and synchronise them together at a later stage. 


* Note: If you are connecting the video camera to the computer you will need a capture device.

Add extra info to your clips

Supplement your clips with extra information. Add text notes or ratings, draw on frames or compare actions. All analysis tools have been planned to enhance your daily routines.

Two video angles at a time

A second camera will provide you new information and another perspective. You can analyse your games with both angles at the same time and decide which one is best for you on each clip.

Show two video angles in your analysis
Awesome dashboards

Awesome stats in dashboards & reports

Turn your clicks into objective data to better understand your game. You can create and share visual dashboards with charts and labelsin real time. These can be sent to smartphones, tablets or other computers. You can also create PDF or Excel files with stats from your analysis. 

Powerful search tool

A powerful and intuitive resource to locate clips instantly. Filters limit and narrow your search results to increase efficiency.

Stream live videos, drawings & data

Connect your Nacsport with other devices to stream your analysis with them. You can share clips, dashboards and drawings via a local network in real time, so the bench can have access to immediate feedback.

Use search tool to find your actions

Share conclusions with ease

Select highlights from your whole analysis and share them with teammates or players. You can make a presentation from your computer in a video session or export a single video file. In both cases, the customisation options to make it attractive are incredible! 

Nacsport: real alternative to SportCode

#SmartMove: true alternative to SportsCode

Thinking about switching from your current video analysis software? Need to increase your number of licences? Nacsport imports SportsCode's timeline and video files. You can also export our timeline as an XML file and open it in their software.

Combine your Nacsport Pro Plus with:

Nacsport Viewer

Your players can review analysis by themselves.

more info->
Nacsport Coach Station

Turn your software into a real-time data receiver.

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Nacsport Tag&Go Plus

Capture footage and tag actions from your iPad.

more info->
Nacsport Remote

Remote control for your presentations.

more info->


Find below all the features and tools in this software divided into environments.

Logo Nacsport proplus
list features buttons templates

Button template

list features playback

Video production

Most normal formats to export  
1080p full HD production   
Add logo on exported video  
Transitions for exported videos  
Chapter markers in exported MP4 videos  
Add external audio  
Add audio notes   
2 angles showing in exported videos  
Slow motion production  
Insert text in produced videos  
Option to show or not show drawings in the exported video   
Export multiple lists as separate files  
Export lists as a single file  
Sharimg integration
list features dashboards


Unlimited Dashboards
Real time dashboards
Live Streaming (dashboards)
Text, data and time labels
Results in absolute numbers or percentages
Dynamic dashboard (timeline)
Dynamic dashboard (real time)
Save single charts as JPG files 
Combine categories & descriptors
Data labels with combined values
Interactive dashboards
Review dashboards not linked to any video
Three alarm levels for each label
list features video capture

Video capture

USB Video Digitizer, AverMedia device capture and Black Magic H264 Pro Recorder compatible 
IP Camera video capture
Computer screen video capture
MP4 video capture
list extra tools nacsport pro plus

Extra features

list features timeline


Open unlimited analysis in the timeline
Open unlimited tabs of databases for the same video in the timeline
2 Video angles viewable in timeline
Compare up to 8 actions
Insert & save images/drawings in the video
Export reports in XLS or PDF
Synchronise from any point of the timeline
Export analysis as XML and XLS (Excel) files
Overlay information on videos
Add audio notes
Search for clips in one video
Add registers to presentation from the search tool 
Remove unused footage
Frame by frame
Hide timeline
Reorganise categories
Save last zoom level and video position
Export videos with drawings
Adjust register positions for the whole timeline or for any category
Draw on comparisons
list features presentations


Unlimited playlists
Create and edit covers
Add external audio
Import PowerPoint slides
Import presentations (.PRE files)
Matrix of a presentation
Overlay information on videos
Script of a presentation
Consolidate presentation
Slow motion playback
Show text notes 
Edit registers (edition will only affect to presentation)
Hide registers
Save favourite list structures
Integration of lists with the same name
Edit descriptors
Favourite presentation
Draw during presentation
Compare registers
Nacsport Remote Connection
list features playback

Video playback

Most normal video formats used
Frame by frame playback, slow motion, and fast forward x6 
Up to three “jump” options in playback
Quick and direct access to specific time of the video
4 time format options in video players
list features registering actions

Registering actions

see prices nacsport pro plus


list features data matrix

Data matrix

list features share real time

Live review

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