Logo Nacsport remote

App to control your presentations remotely

Control your presentations remotely with specific commands to use in the presentation window.

Use Nacsport remote in your iPhone or iPad

Select lists and registers

Complete access to the presentation structure: you can select lists and registers inside them.

Full control over playback speeds

Specific controls to play your video forward and backwards at different speeds.

Full control in your lists and registers
Switch video angles from your app

Switch video angles

Change between single angles or mosaic view.

Review text notes and descriptors

Take a look at the extra info you have supplemented your clips with.

Combine Remote with:

Combine your nacsport remote with nacsport basic

Ideal tool for beginners as it covers essential analysis needs.

+ info ->
Combine your nacsport remote with nacsport basic plus

Entry-level option giving coaches a deeper analysis.

+ info ->
Combine your nacsport remote with nacsport scout plus

Excellent choice if you are looking for a professional tool with limited budget.

+ info ->
Combine your nacsport remote with nacsport pro plus

Great high-end processes aimed to help professional staff in their work.

+ info ->
Combine your nacsport remote with nacsport elite

Helping top-flight teams to make the most out of their video analysis.

+ info ->
Combine your nacsport remote with nacsport viewer

A read-only software so players can review analysis by themselves. 

+ info ->


Find below all the features and tools in this software divided into environments.

features Nacsport Remote
Logo Nacsport remote
features button templates

Button Template

features registering actions

Registering actions

features video playback

Video playback

features video capture

Video capture

features timeline


features data matrix

Data matrix

features video production


features dashboards

Video production

features dashboards


features share in real time

Live review

extra tools nacsport remote

Extra features

Price nacsport remote


list features presentations


Select lists
Select registers
Frame by frame playback, slow motion, fast forward x6 and fullscreen mode
+/- 5 seconds “jumps" in playback
Select different viewable angles
Mosaic view
Commute full screen/window view
Revise notes and descriptors

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