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The perfect balance between professional tools and rapid workflows to suit the needs of every analyst...

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Professional Analysis at Your Fingertips

Data Without Limits

Data collection as profound as you want it. Only you can decide the limits of your analysis. Scout works for you.

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Data Without Limits
See Where the Action Happens

See Where the Action Happens

Nacsport Graphic Descriptors allow you to register exactly where the action happens during a game, adding an extra layer of data to your analysis.

Nacsport Graphic Descriptor

More Videos, More Data

Work with data from unlimited videos at the same time. See different perspectives and get deeper insights. More data means better results.

The Nacsport Timeline

More Videos, More Data More Videos, More Data

Work with Two Video Sources

Add a second camera to your set up, choose the best footage or work with both at the same time.

Work with Two Video Sources
Make a Direct Impact on the Game

Make a Direct Impact on the Game

Some decisions can change the course of a game. Analyze live and take those decisions. The time is now.

Live Analysis Options

Optimized Video Presentations

Don't waste time on tedious tasks, create list-based video presentations. Maximum efficiency for sharing insights.

Nacsport Presentations

Optimized Video Presentations
Connect Your Entire Club with Nacsport Hub

Connect Your Entire Club with Nacsport Hub

The perfect synergy between offline and online video analysis. Create a safe, secure space for sharing analysis work and where coaches and players can participate actively in objective game feedback, learning and self-reflection.

More Info About Nacsport Hub

Nacsport Hub Quick Start Guide

“Nacsport is an extremely useful tool. It gives us real control and much deeper analysis of the game.”

Juan Gatti

Assistant Coach, Argentinian Basketball Squad

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Scout vs Pro

Raise your game further with Nacsport Pro

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Improve Your Performance


Add tracking and animated drawings to enrich your videos

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Collect game data and video with your iPhone or iPad and sync it with your computer

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Easy Review of Analysis for Players and Coaches

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Coach Station

Send Live Videos and Data Directly to the Bench

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Remote Control App for Video Analysis Presentations

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