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iPad app to tag live while filming

This is an excellent option to work alone or to combine with your video analysis software. Record on the iPad, tag live while filming and review actions on the iPad when finished.



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Tag actions & capture footage from your app

Capture your sport event with the device camera while collecting data in your app.

Easy registering

You do not have to carry your laptop and video camera, as Tag&view does both processes instead.


Time saving

When registering data in real time, you will save much time. At the end of the game or event, you will be able to share clicks with Nacsport software or as a XML file. Then you just have to sync your video file with the clicks and that’s it!!

Export data & video

Export your data & video to Nacsport programs or any other videos reading XML files.

Review clips without leaving capture

Without leaving capture, you can review clips you have previously registered. You can have instant access to them from "My Analysis" view.

Elite features

In both the template creation and registering processes, Tag&go has all the features of Elite. For instance, it has the Panel Flows (*) for templates or button groups.


*Note: With Tag&view you can create unlimited Panel Flows for templates. The analysis can be opened in any Nacsport program, taking into account the limitation of each license.


One analysis from multiple observers

One team can have multiple observers clicking at the same time (one for defensive actions, another one for individual clips... and so on). All clicks will be merged in one main computer.

Live streaming and analysis

With Tag&view, you can connect iPad and Nacsport computer by sending live streaming and your analysis at the same time. By doing so, you can ‘feed’ the main database in your computer while receiving real time footage. 

Combine Tag&view with:


Ideal tool for beginners with essential analysis needs.

mas info ->

A step beyond Basic. Entry-level option for coaches' deeper analysis.

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Excellent choice if with balance between tools & budget.

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Great high-end processes to help a professional staff in their work.

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A 'must' in top-flight teams to make the most out of video analysis workflows.

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Logo Nacsport tagview

Button template

Unlimited button templates
Unlimited buttons in the template
Import templates from other Nacsport programs
Main buttons (Categories) and complementary buttons (descriptors)
Change button appearance & behaviour
Replace text in multiple buttons at once
Unlimited Panel Flows for templates
Auto-lists and auto-presentations
Multiple activation & deactivation links
Wild card button
Point action category
Rating registers
Insert images in buttons
Insert images as a background
Group buttons
Exclusion property between buttons in manual mode
Inactive buttons 
Nicknames for buttons

Video capture

Capture video with iPad
Select capture quality (1080p or 720p)
Full HD capture
MOV video format

Extra features

Team logo customization
Export database as XML file
iOS11 or higher compatibility

Video playback

Review actions without leaving capture
Select favourite registers
Filter registers by categories, descriptors & favourites

Registering actions

Register in real time
Add text notes
Independent text notes (not linked to any register)
Add audio notes
Edit template once registering has started
Remove last register
Descriptor marks end of category
Show/hide menu
Select the opacity of template buttons



Data matrix

Data matrix
Access to data matrix during registering
Customise categories and descriptors order

Live review

Access to Nacsport play by play in real time
Register data wirelessly in real time from Tag&view
Streaming & analysis live 'feeding' a Nacsport software

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