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See Nacsport Data

Read-only device which displays data from other Nacsport programs or XML file. Ideal for players reviewing analysis.

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Easy Access

Use the search tool or the Data Matrix to access and review specific actions.

Draw and Compare

Add extra info to completed analysis. Illustrate and compare like any other Nacsport program.

Open and Create Presentations

Receive and open presentations made by coaches. Create your own presentation.

Open presentations with nacsport Viewer

Review Dashboards

See statistical information in the form of graphs and charts.

Import XML Files

Synergy with similar programs such as InStat, SportsCode, STATS or Wyscout.

Combine with:


A great choice for getting started in video analysis. A simple tool with all the basic functions needed for doing performance analysis.

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Do you need to go a little deeper into your analysis than Basic allows? Then get Basic+! More tools allow for the extraction of more detailed information.

+ info ->

More advanced tools, more advanced options. An excellent choice if you are looking for a balance between power and budget.

+ info ->

A high-end package for the professional analyst at a reasonable price.

mas info ->

A top-end package for top-flight teams and analysts. All the features you could ever want.

+ info ->

A great option for combining with your core Nacsport package. Use this app to tag live with iPad / iPhone whilst on the go.

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An app which acts as a remote control for your presentations.

+ info ->

Telestration software for adding illustrations to video.

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Cloud based storage for video and analysis. Easily share work within your team.

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Click on the icons below to get an overview of some of Nacsport Basic's key features

Logo Nacsport viewer

Button Template


Registering Actions


Video Playback


Video Capture


Video Playback

Most video formats compatible
Frame by frame playback, slow motion, and fast forward x6 
Up to three “jump” options in playback
Quick and direct access to specific time of the video
4 time format options in video players

Data Matrix





Unlimited playlists
Import presentations (.PRE files)
Matrix of a presentation
Overlay information on videos
Show text notes 
Edit registers (edition will only affect to presentation)
Hide registers
Save favourite list structures
Integration of lists with the same name
Edit descriptors
Favourite presentation
Drawings during presentation
Add registers from search tool
Nacsport Remote Connection


Consult unlimited Dashboards
Consult real time dashboards
Open different tabs of dashboards (consult only)
Consult dashboard with multiple analysis
Consult variable labels
Text, data and time labels
Results in absolute numbers or percentages
Combine categories & descriptors
Data labels with combined values
Consult interactive dashboards
Review dashboards not linked to any video
Consult alarm levels for each label

Extra Features



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