What's New in Nacsport?

New Updates, Tools and Features


Nacsport 9.2: Live Analysis with Hub

Hub Live allows one or more analysts using Nacsport Scout, Pro or Elite to upload clips, dashboards and drawings directly to the Nacsport Hub platform. From here, they can be reviewed instantly by coaches, or anyone else in the Live session, from any browser or device.


Nacsport 9.1.1 for Mac: Three New Tools and Improved Performance

Nacsport 9.1.1 for MacOS includes three new tools: import external video videos to presentations, and a standalone video player, both of which are already available in Windows, and a new tool which is exclusive to MacOS, the ability to import and work with data and videos from Synergy Sports.

This update also contains various error corrections and bugfixes to improve the performance of the software.


The Integration of KlipDraw 4.3 in Nacsport

KlipDraw 4.3 is now available for Nacsport users on Windows. Those of you who have updated to Nacsport 9.0 will have new features and tools at your disposal.


Nacsport 9.0: Bigger and Better Than Ever

From today, Nacsport 9.0 is available to all users. New tools, new features, new workflows, and a brand new product...Nacsport Hub, our online video analysis and communication platform.

What else? Well, Nacsport Pro and Elite are now available natively on Mac for the first time, as are dashboards and graphic descriptors.

Apart from this, there's a load of new tools and features which represent another huge leap forward for our software.

Check out the video for a more in-depth look at this massive update.


Nacsport 8.0 Releases on Mac and Windows

Today, we're proud to announce that Nacsport is available for the first time ever on Mac computers. It brings with it a brand-new interface and new tools which are also available for Windows. Nacsport 8.0 represents a true evolution for video analysis with Nacsport. In this video, we talk you through the new tools and features of this exciting release.

Please note: availability of new tools will depend on the version of Nacsport being used. Please check the software comparison for more details.


Sharimg 5.0: Team Tracking Area and MacOS Uploader

The most recent update to the Sharimg (Nacsport Hub) platform brings much closer integration with Nacsport with the Team Tracking Area. This new feature allows you to upload auto-presentations from Nacsport and track your team's performance over the course of a season. An uploader app is also now available for MacOS, making it easier than ever to share your Nacsport video analysis work.


Nacsport 7.4.0: Big KlipDraw News

There's been some huge news today from the Nacsport development team. Not only is KlipDraw Basic now the default drawing tool in Nacsport, but KlipDraw Animate and Motion are now fully integrable with Nacsport.

Add animated drawings and track movement on moving video with these great telestration tools and improve the level of communication with players and coaches at your club. Available now!

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