2022: 3 Video Analysis Trends

By Duncan Ritchie

24-January-2022 on Tips

11 minute read

Video analysis is growing at a dizzying speed, no longer just the preserve of anecdotal departments at elite clubs. Instead, it has become a reality, with clubs big and small utilizing this technology to improve team performance.


But where is the analysis industry headed? In this article, we’re going to talk you through what will probably be the 3 most important trends throughout 2022.


We’ve based this on our own experience and on information we have received through our sales team who, unsurprisingly, are closest to the needs of present and potential customers. In particular, our colleague Dani Muñoz, a former professional analyst in the Spanish first division, is in constant contact with analysis teams the world over and is well aware of their needs and goals in 2022.


So, without further ado, let’s get started…

Trend 1: Live Analysis


We've already spoken about the proliferation of video analysis technology in coaching teams at clubs around the world. In fact, it’s increasingly difficult to find teams who don't have a performance analyst in their ranks.


In the majority of cases, the analysis is carried out post-match or during training sessions. The information extracted from this type of analysis is extremely important for making tactical decisions…for the next match.


Live analysis with nacsport tag&view


But many clubs have decided to take this process one step further, analyzing live and direct during a match and sending this information directly to the bench where it can be used to make extremely important tactical decisions.


In the past, this was the preserve of elite clubs with limitless budgets, but today, video analysis is more affordable than ever, and even clubs with less resources can acquire the tools and technology needed for this type of analysis.


In fact, at Nacsport, we’re continuously trying to democratize video analysis, with solutions for every budget and analyst. The software itself has many options that allow the analyst to provide coaching staff with up-to-the-minute data, whether that’s streamed live and direct to the bench, or in the locker room at half-time. If you want to read more about these options, we’d recommend having a read of this post, where we talk about working with Nacsport in real time



Trend 2: Drawings and Animations


There’s no point in conducting an analysis if the coaching staff can’t effectively convey their conclusions to their players. Communication between coaches and players is absolutely essential for an analysis to make sense and for the tactical conclusions to be applied correctly where they really matter…during a game.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to moving images, which provide a veritable torrent of information, this old axiom doesn’t always hold up. When it comes to video presentations, our attention may not be focused on the part of the screen where the pertinent action is happening. You can watch a certain play several times over and still not understand the message being conveyed without additional context.



And this is where video telestration tools come into their own, allowing the viewer to add drawings and illustrations to moving video images. If you’d like to read more about this amazing tool, we’d invite you to read this article by our friends at KlipDraw where they take a tour through the history of telestrators.


Other than that, you just need to take a look at television broadcasts from anywhere in the world to see how useful telestration tools can be for providing contextual information for fans. Statistical graphs, charts and graphics, arrows, lines, heatmaps…all of these and more accompany TV coverage to convey game data to fans.


So, yes, telestration tools for adding drawings, animations and even motion tracking to videos will become ever more important throughout 2022. Because of this, Nacsport has continued to strengthen ties with our good friends at KlipDraw. In fact, we’ve just signed an agreement that makes KlipDraw the official drawing tool available in Nacsport. You can read more about this deal and what it means for you in this article.


drawings and animation in video analysis


Trend 3: Data and Intelligence


Another major trend to look out for in 2022 relates to data and its application to sports performance analysis. Increasingly, decisions are being based on objective information and less on intuition. Without a doubt, quality data leads to more informed decisions.


Game data provides us with an extremely valuable extra layer of information for performing an analysis. It’s not enough to know about and review actions which happen during a game. We also need to be able to put this information in context, in terms of how many times this particular action happened during the game, how it can be limited or improved upon, and how it compares to other actions. 


Data is power in the field of sports and, because of this, teams are seeking to access more and more information. In response to this need, sports data providers are becoming increasingly important. Companies such as InStat, with whom Nacsport collaborates, provide analysts with large volumes of game data.


performance analysis with nacsport and instat


But, be aware that not all that glitters is gold. Access to this data is available to anyone who pays for it. What really provides a competitive advantage is the ability of the analysts to do the following:


•    Select and download the data that is pertinent to them.

•    Understand the data with which they work

•    Customize the data to make it their own

•    Convert the relevant data into easy to understand intelligence through visualization tools


As you can see, it’s not as simple as having access to the data. This must go through a process of curation, editing and shaping in order to filter out the background noise and be left with data that is really useful…data that can have a direct impact on a team’s performance.


At Nacsport, we’ve known about this need for years and have provided for it. From directly downloading data directly from InStat to importing data in the industry-standard XML format from competing software packages, we’ve provided our users with the ability to filter sports data however they want.


performance analysis data visualisation with nacsport


In addition, Nacsport allows this downloaded data to be transformed into graphs, charts and data labels through our dashboards. This data visualization tool is connected directly to video clips to give a thoroughly interactive way of viewing game data.


Combining data from third-party companies, such as InStat, with data collected through a Nacsport button template undoubtedly makes the analysis process much more valuable to the team, providing unique intelligence that can be used to improve performance and results. 


Synergy with Other Programs


In addition to everything mentioned above, we’ve always been conscious of the needs of our users. This means that we have to be compatible with other programs that carry out task which are complementary to the analysis process.


For example, analysis data can be exported from Nacsport to Excel in various different formats. Additionally, this data can be used in world-class data intelligence programs such as Power BI or Tableau. In this article, you can see 20 more ways in which Nacsport works in synergy with other useful programs.



What Other Trends Are Coming in 2022?


In this article, we’ve focused on the three main trends that we’ve observed in the industry. They’ve been growing throughout last year and we believe 2022 will be the year when they stop being the preserve of big clubs and become available to everyone.


But what about you? You’re in constant contact with friends and colleagues in the industry, so can you offer us any other ideas? What trends do you see as being important in the analysis sector this year?


We love to hear from you on this topic. Feel free to get in touch with us through our website or on any of our social media channels. Tell us and we’ll share your ideas.


In the meantime, thanks for reading.

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Once a month, we'll send a compendium of our best articles, interview and advice, straight to your inbox. Enjoy!

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